Top 10 Phone Apps for Truck Drivers on the Road  

Top Apps for Truck Drivers on the Road  

Several apps are available to make life easy on the road. Many factors must be considered while planning the haul for the truckers. It helps drivers stay connected, find truck shops, compare fuel prices, and connect with some entertainment events through their smartphones.  

Top best Apps for Truck Drivers on the Road

Truckers who are new to the job require apps to stay connected. Here are some of the best phone apps for truck drivers. 

  1. Tax2efile App:

Tax2efile is an IRS-approved tax filing service provider that offers safe, secure, and advanced filing solutions, that makes tax filing quick and easy. The mission of this app is to provide the highest quality services to customers. The app helps to maintain trustworthy relationships and exacting standards of professionalism for its valued customers. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.  

Android App Store:

iOS App Store:

  1. Trucker Path:

This is the ultimate trucking app for planning and mapping trips. With the help of this app, it is possible to find information from other truck drivers and over 40,000 truck shops in the US and Canada. The trucker path app helps to plan a multi-day app and get real-time information on parking availability and weigh stations on the go. 

  1. Trucker Tools:

This app features a truck stop guide to plan stops and find things nearby. This Trucker Tools app helps to identify tuck shops, weigh stations, rest areas, truck washes, parking, etc. You can also find places of fuel, food, and rest along the route. 

  1. Waze:

Traffic jams, accidents, and construction can put people seriously behind schedule. This Waze app helps truckers to get traffic updates in real time. It also sends alerts for traffic, police, and other hazards, to stay prepared on the go.  

  1. Weigh My Truck:

This is an excellent app made by the CAT Scale Company. Drivers can sign up and use the app to weigh the trucks automatically. The Weight My Truck app locates the CAT scale and allows users to pay with their smartphones. 

  1. Drive Wyze:

This Drive Wyze mobile app detects weight stations and inspection sites across North America. The app automatically alerts the truckers and sends them a bypass request. The app lets the truckers know if they need to pull into the site or keep it rolling. 

  1. GasBuddy:

The app allows truckers to find fuel stations and gas prices across the country. The app shows prices at the nearby fuel stations so that truckers compare the costs and find the best deals on the road.  

  1. Spotify:

Spotify allows truckers to listen to their favorite music and podcasts as they drive. Truckers can create their playlists or listen to the playlists based on the genres and artists.  

  1. The Weather Channel:

Weather conditions affect truck drivers on the road. This app helps users get accurate Weather updates and helps them plan for harsh weather. It allows truck drivers to view radars and forecasts. 

  1. Rolling Strong:

This Rolling Strong is a health and wellness app designed for professional truck drivers. It is a personal fitness coach in the pocket. The app offers in-demand wellness coaching and guided workout routines on the road. 

Truck drivers should connect with these apps to make their haul easy and smooth, and to have a great journey.