How Important is the Trucking Industry to the US?

In the economy of United States of America, trucking industry plays a vital role. Other industries rely more on the trucking industry to take the goods from them and deliver the goods to their clients/markets. Each and every product that you use in daily routine is carried by trucks whether it is a raw material or an end product. Our daily activities are undisturbed because of the contribution of the truck drivers.

Importance of Trucking Industry in the USA

The economy of the Nation:

Trucking industry directly connects with an economy of the nation.  In the United States, trucks deliver over 10 billion tons of multiple commodities. These goods account for $700.4 billion worth. Any interruption in the transportation of truck services may have a huge impact in all the sectors of the economy.

Employment Opportunities:

According to the statistics, there are about 800,000 truck drivers working in the United States and the revenue of those comes about $30 billion dollars annually. There are more opportunities in the trucking field as there are many small trucking companies to big trucking companies who hire drivers. And most employees of the big trucking industries have unions.  These trucking unions protect the interests of the drivers and the trucking industry.

Political Influence:

Though the trucking industry plays a major impact in the field of economy, it also has its influence towards politics. American Trucking Association (ATA) is the big organization for trucking companies which plays an important role in the field of politics. For the safety of the civilians, there are certain laws that restrict the use of trucks on certain roads. Additionally, there are laws to protect the drivers from driving without having enough rest and certain law restricts the speed limits. These laws and regulations are put up for both the benefits of the public and the truck drivers.


On the whole, when the truck industry is going to shut down for any reason such as terrorist attack or natural disasters it is likely to have its impact in the following industries of transportation, food, waste removal, manufacturing, financial, retail, and healthcare. Compared to other fields, trucking ha highest turnover rate due to the factors of long work hours, and long away from home. Hence an efficient trucking industry needs eminent management and protection from government regulations. So with more bond between our life and activities, truckers responsibilities are much needed for any country not only for the United States.