Form 2290 Rejected? IRS Form 2290 Reasons for Rejection!

E-filing Form 2290 online is a simple and easy process. When you have a basic understanding of your business information and internet knowledge you can file Form 2290 in seconds without any prior knowledge or assistance. But there be situations, where we cannot succeed despite our effort. In such cases, Tax2efile can assist you in filing your IRS Form 2290 online quickly and easily.


To file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) through Tax2efile is very simple, even a first-time taxpayer can submit on the go. Just register with us in minutes and follow the simple steps to complete your truck tax filing electronically. Even though you might have submitted Form 2290 after a thorough review, IRS rejects your E-filed Form 2290 for a few reasons. The errors in the rejected Form can be easily found and can be re-filed to IRS again with no additional cost. Through Tax2efile you can re-file the rejected Form 2290 absolutely FREE.

Major Reasons to Reject your Form 2290 by IRS

·        EIN Not Matching with Business Name: This is the most common scenario for Form 2290 rejection. Remember, when you filing IRS 2290 Form, you must fill Correct EIN or Employee Identification Number and Business name as you have registered with IRS. When EIN is not updated, usually it takes about 15 days to update your EIN in the IRS database. When you apply with the new EIN make sure that the number is at least 15 days old, else it will be rejected.

·        RTN Rejection: If the tax payer’s choosing to pay their Form 2290 filing fee through Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) option the bank routing number is mandatory. If you enter incorrect bank routing number or Routing Transit Number (RTN), the IRS will reject you 2290 Form. In this, you have entered correct RTN and re-submit to IRS and get your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes. Double-check bank routing number before submitting your 2290 Form to IRS.

·        Duplicate E-Filing of Form 2290 or VIN: When you have already paid the truck tax for your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) during the tax year and again initiating the file of Form 2290 for the same VIN. In that case, the IRS rejects it. Submission must not be a duplicate of a previously accepted submission.

·        Missing Signature: Like other sections in the Form 2290, Signature is also important to make the Form valid. Without a proper signature, your Form is invalid and IRS rejects your Form.

      Note: The IRS won’t allow you to report your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290 twice within one tax year.

What to Do If You Receive Rejected Form 2290?

Note that, it is common to receive the rejected Form 2290 from IRS. When you receive the rejected Form 2290, through mail check for the errors in your form and correct the error information, re-file them back to IRS. You can always re-submitting your rejected Form to IRS through, it is absolutely FREE. We are happy to help with our 24 / 7 customer care support. For further assistance, call us on 703 229 0326, or email us at