Form 2290 Instructions to File HVUT Form 2290 Electronically

Form 2290 for 2012 2013 can be filed through now. Click on the start my return button on top to start your filing or call us on 703-229-0326 to get US-based customer support to clear your doubts or click on the “Live Support Online” Button button to start asking questions right away. We are now less than three weeks from the start of the new tax period. The new tax period begins July 1, 2012, and ends June 30, 2013. New form 2290 for tax period 2012 – 2013 will be available to e-file with IRS on July 1st onwards in our Tax2efile since IRS opens the process only on the said date. All tax filers have to wait till July, 1st to file the form. New tax year filers will have special benefits and coupons from July, 1st onwards. 

Form 2290 Instructions

This is the normal tax year for IRS Form 2290 before the change that was made last year. With that being said it is advisable to be gathering the necessary information to file your HVUT. You should be to research the methods the file your return. Since the overall growth in the number of Form 2290 submissions, the IRS now recommends that you file the return electronically. The IRS offers a list of authorized e-filers through their website. Remember to keep in mind that whatever method you choose you still have to file a form 2290 if you are a truck driver. Tax evasion is not the answer!

Electronic filing is required for each return reporting 25 or more vehicles. However, all taxpayers are encouraged to file electronically. E-file form 2290 generally allows for quicker processing of your return. A stamped Schedule 1 can be available in as little as 24 hours after filing.

Using an e-filing service is the best option when filing your 2290 return. Tax2efile is an authorized IRS e-filer and is equipped to handle all of your filing needs. We offer three types of services in filing your 2290. You can use the self-service and enter the information line by line. We offer a bulk filing upload service for taxable and suspended vehicles. We also offer a premium service that also you to send us your information in a spreadsheet and we will handle the remainder of the filing process for you.

Now let’s get started with the IRS 2290 filing process. The first step is to set up an account with Tax2efile. This is done by clicking on the red “User Registration” tab to the right on the homepage. The sign-up is simple, the only required information is your name and email address. The registration will also ask you to create a password and enter the word verification code at the bottom. Once the registration is complete you will be logged into the dashboard.

The dashboard is the system’s homepage. Now you as the customer have two choices, premium or self-service. There is a slight difference between the two submission methods. The premium service is geared toward larger submission clients, whether you are a fleet owner or tax professional filing for multiple businesses. This service allows you to submit the information to us and Tax2efile handles the filing process for you. The self-service involves a little more work because you are entering the information line by line. There are two ways to use the self-service, you can choose it from the top of the page or you can scroll down and click “add business information.” The business information page is where you will enter the details for your company or for you as the owner. The next page will be the tax information page. On this page, you will choose the tax period and the month first used. Remember the month first used will determine the tax due on the truck. On this page, you can also choose VIN correction and address change. 

To continue you are going to choose “2290 Return.” The next page will be the vehicle information page. Here you will enter your truck information which will include the VIN and weight of the truck. On the third-party designee page, there are two questions asked. Both questions are determined by you individually. The next page is the IRS payment options: EFTPS, check by mail, or direct debit. The first and third options are the best in regard to schedule 1 return time. The consent to the disclosure page is the most important in the system; this is your electronic signature. You are verifying that all of the entered information is accurate. On the review page, you are going to make sure everything you have entered is correct. The last and final screen is the filing fee payment page. I hope that these simple instructions have been helpful and will guide you to filing your 2290 form with us.

E-File IRS Form 2290 Today and Get your Stamped Scheduled 1 in Minutes.