How to Save More Money on your Stamped Schedule Form 2290

Every trucker and the trucking industry who owns a heavy vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds must file Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) to use the public highway for transportation. The 2290 filing must be done before August 31st deadline and must receive the stamped Schedule 1 to stay on road. We know that the trucking industry is one of the best industries in the United States and has much impact on the economy of the nation. However, the truckers are still striving hard to hold the money. Therefore, we came up with some ideas on how to save your hard-earned money while you file your Form 2290 on Tax2efile.


Simple Ways to Save Money on Your 2290 Form

While tax filing Form 2290 requires a reasonable amount of money, you can still save your money if you act wisely. Just check out the following ways how to save more money when you file HVUT 2290 Form online.

1.     Select genuine and IRS-authorized Service Provider: There are many tax service providers who e-file the tax returns on your behalf. Having said that, the service provider must be genuine, and clear with the tax calculation, tax audits, feasible tax amount, and so on. Therefore, it is better to choose an IRS Authorized Service Provider who can assist you throughout the filing process.

       Nominal Rates: Ensure that the Service providers provide the tax filing at a reasonable price. It should not be a burden to you, with the service provider’s multiple service options. Check for the service provider who offers multiple services at a better rate.

3.      Better offers and discounts:  Before filing Form 2290 online, check for the current offers and discounts online. There are service providers who want to complement their customers for support with better discounts. When you are bulk booking, certain service providers like offer a discounted price to the truckers. 

4.      File on time to avoid penalties: “Penalties” surprised to find in this list, Right. Penalties always cost more than normal tax filings. The penalized tax filers by the IRS might accept this factor. It is always a clever act to file the tax before the due date but when you fail to do so, it attracts the penalties. Along with the penalties, the tax amount will mount high. Hence, avoid the penalties to the maximum. 

5.     Free VIN corrections& Re-filing the Forms: Coming to the tax forms, there will be corrections even if the HVUT form is double-checked for correctness. The IRS keenly checks for mistakes in the form and rejects the 2290 Form if there is any correction. Therefore, the tax filers must correct the mistakes and file them again. Tax2efile offers free VIN corrections and re-files the forms again by correcting the errors. 

6.     Dedicated Tax Professionals &Customer Support: Customer support must be effective because when you are filing the tax returns you need more assistance in order to keep the filling more accurate. The expert tax professionals must do the tax calculation so that you never overpay or underpay the tax amount. Hence, the service provider must contain an expert team to handle different tax situations. 

    Get a refund overpayment with Form 8849: After filing and paying the amount of HVUT Form 2290 that you owe to IRS, you can file Refund of excise tax return Form 8849, which is used to claim refunds on suspended vehicles such as vehicles that are sold, stolen, transferred or destroyed and overpayments vehicles. When you are filing Form 2290 with Tax2efile if your credit vehicle exceeds the amount of heavy vehicle use truck tax you owe to IRS then Form 8849 will generate automatically for you. Here you can include the details of your 8849 Form that are Name, EIN, and other vehicle information sold, destroyed, and stolen. 

Hence, before filing Form 2290 it is important to find a tax service provider who tries to save your money instead of billing you for their add-on services. Tax2efile as an authorized E-file service provider with immense expertise in the field can satisfy all the above criteria and ensures a better tax filing experience with its tax professionals.  If you have queries connect with your US-based tax experts’ customer support team. We are 24/7 available at or 703.225.0326 and also we can support via Live chat.