What Should I Do If I File Form 2290 Submission Double Time in Same Tax Year?

Truck tax season can be a very stressful time for truck owners/operators because it adds yet another duty to a trucker’s hectic schedule. Therefore, truck owners/operators try to e-file Form 2290 in the quickest and most convenient manner, which often results in mistakes if they are working too quickly. The Tax2efile Customer Support team has helped a few e-filers resolve one of the more frequent mistakes: unintentionally filing Form 2290 for a previous tax period as opposed to the current tax period. This issue becomes a nuisance when the taxpayer realizes that they have double filed their Form 2290 and have paid the heavy vehicle use tax payment twice for the same year! Well, we are here to assure our customers that there is a way around this after the fact and not everything has been lost! We, as an IRS approved e-filing service provider, are not authorized to terminate file submissions or tax payments once they have already been submitted to the IRS through our servers. However, it is very well possible that we can put your submission on hold if you realize immediately and our system is moving slowly; however, there is a slim chance that could happen.

So here is what you will have to do to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, the taxpayer will have to re-file their Form 2290 with all their business information and vehicle identification information while certifying that they have accurately reviewed their inputted information. However, the filer must select the “EFTPS or Check/Money Order” payment option as opposed direct debit. If they select direct debit, the IRS will certainly take another large amount of money out of the filer’s bank account meaning they would have lost twice the money. The reasoning behind selecting “EFTPS or Check/Money Order,” is the idea that a filer can pay the tax at their own convenience. This allows for the filer to call the IRS (at 1-800-829-4933) and explain the mishap so that the federal agency can transfer the filer’s previous payment with the duplicate form to the new and corrected Form 2290. Contacting the IRS is the only way that a taxpayer’s payment can be transferred over to their new Form 2290 or they will have to pay the same tax amount twice!

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