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How Etax2290 Will Handle all Your E-filing 2290 Needs

IRS 2290 Form or Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) must be filed by the heavy vehicle owners whose vehicle’s gross weight is 55,000 or more and uses the highway for transportation. By E-filing 2290 form, the truckers receive Stamped Schedule 1 which serves as a proof of compliance with HVUT and proof of payment. This also aids the truckers to renew their tags, renew the vehicle’s registration for IFTRA or USR.  At the time of audits, Schedule 1 serves as a proof of your paid tax.

How Etax2290 Will Handle all Your E-filing 2290 Needs

E-Filing 2290 Form with Etax2290

In general, HVUT or Form 2290 must be filed by the fleet owners on an annual basis for each vehicle they own. In case, if you own a new vehicle the due date to file the Form 2290 is next month after which the vehicle is used.

Etax2290 lets the tax filer to e-file 2290 efficiently and quickly. E-filing 2290 through etax2290 are simple by filling the basic information so that even a first time tax-filer finds etax2290 as the best place to file their IRS 2290 form.

Managing a fleet might be difficult. But etax2290 provides the best service for the owners to manage their fleet under one account. And also they can keep their records safe for years, limiting confusion.

If you have dozens of the vehicle and want to file them for each vehicle, etax2290 also does bulk filing services and you also get a discounted price for that. Hence etax2290 reduces your time, effort and also price when you do bulk filing. Sounds good right?

Etax2290 also assign a dedicated agent for your account to manage your fleet. So that they can manage, control and file tax for all your vehicles. So you need to wait in queue for filing and for answering your queries. We ensure that you get an optimal experience as possible.

Etax2290, process your application instantly so that you get your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes. You also get notification regarding the status of your application either through SMS or email.

If your 2290 Form rejected then How to connect with Etax2290?

We do provide VIN correction for FREE. And you can re-file your form with free of cost when it is rejected by the IRS. And additionally, when you are filing for the bulk number of vehicles, you do get discounts for each filing. You can file any number of vehicles under a single account so that you can keep the records safe and secure for years. Etax2290 ensures data security and we value your shared information and hence follow the latest security technology to keep your data secure.

In order to get a professional tax filing experience, just take few minutes to register with us.  Our charges are nominal and you pay only for the actual file. To start filing your forms call us on 703 229 0326 or if you have any queries you can email at