Can I file Form 2290 electronically with the IRS?

Tax Payers who are required to pay the heavy highway vehicle use tax can file Form 2290 with the IRS, electronically. Truck owners reporting more than 25 trucks should compulsorily e-file their tax returns. For others, it is not mandatory but is beneficial to e-file Form 2290. Taxpayers can use e-file software to file their tax returns and pay the tax they owe to the IRS. 

Why is it advantageous to e-file 2290 tax Forms?

E-filing is one of the fastest ways to get stamped schedule 1 copy from the IRS, as proof of payment. They can still file on paper and get the schedule 1 copy, but its delivery will take one to six weeks. Taxpayers who e-file 2290 forms can get their schedule 1 copy within minutes after the IRS accepts the e-filed Form. Electronic filing attracts faster processing. The taxpayers can also pay the tax amount over the internet, by phone, or mobile device. 

Information needed for e-file Form 2290 with IRS

The truck owners can electronically file Form 2290 with the IRS if they have the following information ready.

  • Employer Identification Number. Taxpayers cannot use their SSN. If the taxpayers do not have the EIN, they can apply for it online.
  • Taxpayers should use the same name on their 2290 Form, as given in the EIN. 
  • Vehicle identification number of each vehicle
  • The taxable gross weight of the vehicle

IRS Form 2290 Filing Deadline

The tax filing season for Form 2290 is between July 1st and June 30th. The tax filing deadline is from the first use month of the taxable vehicle on the public highways, during the tax reporting period. 

  • For vehicles whose first use on a public highway in July, the truckers should file Form 2290 between 1st July and 31st August.
  • For vehicles whose first use of a public highway is after July, truckers should file Form 2290 by the last day of the month, following the month in which the vehicle was in use on a public highway. 

If the truck owners wish to file the tax returns, before the tax season, they can pre-file IRS Form 2290 with e-filing service providers like Tax2efile. 

E-File Form 2290 electronically with the IRS through Tax2efile

With Tax2efile, truck owners can e-file their Form 2290 at the convenience of their homes. They need not wait around the government office, in a long queue, suffering a slow verification process. With Tax2efile, they file their returns within minutes, even during their break time. You can also pre-file the tax Form from 1st to 30th June through Tax2efile, and they will submit the same with the IRS in July, as soon as it starts accepting the tax Forms. You will get the stamped schedule 1 copy in your mail within minutes after IRS accepts and approves the tax Form.

E-filing Tax Form 2290 with Tax2efile is one of the best options to avoid last minute delays and to avoid penalties in the tax Form. The process is simple and cost-effective as they offer early-bird discounts on the tax amounts. The customer support personnel will support at every point of tax filing.