Form 2290 Can Be E-Filed From Starting June with Tax2efile

Prefile IRS Form 2290

The IRS will officially start accepting Form 2290, on July 1st. The deadline to file these tax Forms will be between June 1st and August 31st. But filing the tax returns during this period takes a longer time to process the Forms. And the truck owners will get the stamped schedule 1 copy only after several days of tax filing. For truck owners, the stamped schedule 1 copy is mandatory to get the registration and tags of the vehicle. 

Most truck owners chose to pre-file the tax returns for their heavy vehicles through Tax2efile, as pre-filing enhances their acceptance by IRS. The pre-filing window is open with Tax2efile from 1st June till 31st June. It will accept the tax Forms and transmit them to the IRS by July 1st, as soon as it starts accepting the tax Forms. Thus, the taxpayers will get the Stamped Schedule 1 copy of their IRS Form within minutes, once the IRS accepts the Forms. 

Pre-filing Form 2290 with Tax2efile

Tax2efile is an IRS-authorized e-file service provider, helping thousands of truckers to file 2290 tax returns for many years. It is a credible service provider that creates industry-leading solutions for e-filing taxes. It accepts taxes and files amendments for the tax Forms if they incur corrections. 

Pre-filing allows the taxpayers to e-file HVUT taxes in June, before the beginning of the official tax year on 1st July. Truck owners can pre-file the IRS Form 2290 and get their stamped schedule 1 copy starting from 1st July. The advantages of pre-filing 2290 taxes with Tax2efile are as follows.

      • Pre-filing Form 2290 allows taxpayers to file tax returns, and pay the IRS taxes later.
      • Pre-filing Form 2290 reduces the risk of late penalties, without incurring additional charges.
      • The customer support team from Tax2efile offers complete support for the taxpayers.
      • It avoids the risks of being penalized for not having Schedule 1 at hand.
      • It avoids the rush of peak tax filing season and gets the Schedule 1 copy fast.
      • Pre-filing offers more time to make corrections on Form 2290 if any. 

Advantages of Pre-filing Form 2290 Taxes with Tax2efile

      • Taxpayers can generate the current year’s taxes, based on the last year’s information available with Tax2efile. They need not re-enter vehicle details every time, and thus makes filing easy and saves time. 
      • It allows truck owners to correct VIN errors online. As pre-filing offers a three-month window, taxpayers can make corrections to the Tax Forms at this time. It helps to prevent late filing penalties.
      • If the IRS rejects the tax form, Tax2efile will intimate the errors. They can correct these errors and retransmit with the IRS again for Free. 
      • If you have vehicles weighing more than 55,000 pounds, it is mandatory to file HVUT 2290 Form with the IRS by August 31st. IRS recommends taxpayers with more than 25 vehicles e-file their returns. Pre-filing offers many advantages done through Tax2efile, and it helps truck owners get their schedule 1 copy in their mail instantly.