What is a Stamped Schedule 1 and Why is it Needed?

First, let me explain, there is a difference between your 2290 return and the Stamped Schedule 1 received when your return is accepted by the IRS. This Stamped Schedule 1 document is important because it serves a twofold purpose. When you receive your Schedule 1, whether by fax, email, or directly from your local IRS department building, you will notice it has a watermark in the background. In the past Schedule 1 was physically stamped and mailed to you, and this is where we get the name Stamped Schedule 1. Now the IRS has realized we live in a more modern time, so the stamp is done electronically in the form of the e-file IRS watermark.

As previously mentioned the Stamped Schedule 1 serves a twofold purpose. The first importance is that it shows proof of payment for the HVUT form 2290  and acceptance by the IRS. Why is this important you ask? If you cannot show proof of payment for the HVUT, you cannot drive your truck and can subsequently lose your job. This can also cause you to incur penalty charges from the IRS because you cannot prove that the tax was paid on time. The second major importance is that it is required in order to register a vehicle. The DMV also needs to see proof of the HVUT being paid before they can release the tags for your truck.

E-Filing form 2290 has become more and more popular among taxpayers and tax professionals. The IRS itself recommends E-Filing as their preferred method for filing most tax forms. A leading provider of this service, for those in the Trucking or Transportation industry with Tax2efile. Instead of waiting hours for the IRS to stamp your Schedule 1 and send it back to you, Etax2290 will get your Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes of filing.

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