The IRS brings back the credit/debit card payment option

Taxpayers who wish to e-file Form 2290 online for their trucks can now make their HVUT payments with the help of their credit and debit cards. The card payments have now been enabled by the IRS recently and this has motivated the taxpayers to rely on other payment options such as the EFW, EETPS, check, and money orders, to pay their HVUT tax

The truckers who have registered their heavy highway motor vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds must file Form 2290 and this tax amount is calculated on the gross weight of the vehicle and the month in which it was first put to use. After calculating the tax amount, the taxpayer can pay the tax with the help of a debit or a credit card. These banking cards will be charged a processing fee by the e-filing service provider along with the tax amount that is required to be paid.

Ease for the taxpayers as IRS accepts debit/credit payments

As the IRS starts to accept debit and credit card payments and allows truck owners to make their payments online, over the phone, or through an e-filing system, and has made it easy for the taxpayers to remit their tax amount online. Paying the tax amount online is one of the safest ways to pay the HVUT tax and the e-filing service provider will make sure that the details of its users will not store anywhere in the third party system and that the transactions will happen over an encrypted network.

It is possible to complete the debit and credit card payments easily on the go by entering the card details of the user. And there is no need for the taxpayer to make use of any payment vouchers to complete the card transactions. And unlike the money orders and the payments through checks, the card transactions are fast and get completed within seconds. Thus the taxpayers have fewer chances of incurring late filing penalties and fines, even if they are filing their returns on the last day of the tax deadline.

Points to consider while making IRS tax payments through debit/credit card

The IRS will not charge any additional fee for paying the HVUT tax through debit and credit cards. Once the payment is being remitted, the transaction will be listed as the United States Treasury Tax Payment. In case, the cardholder has to cancel the payment they only have to get in touch with the card processer as neither the e-filing service provider nor the IRS is authorized for canceling the payments. Other important points to keep in mind while making payments through cards are as follows.

  1. The taxpayer will not be required to send in a voucher if they are paid by card.
  2. The IRS will refund any amount that is paid as overpayment unless the user owes a debt.
  3. Federal tax liens releases can take about 30 days after receiving the payment.
  4. If the tax filing is being carried out through software or an online service, additional charges may apply.

Tax2efile is an IRS authorized tax filing service provider that helps with an easy and fast e-filing process of HVUT Form 2290. As the IRS brings back the debit and the credit card payments and as it can be processed through Tax2efile, people who are indulged in the trucking business can pay their tax on the go, with ease.