How to file IRS Form 2290 online for the 2022-23 tax year?


The tax Form 2290 helps pay the HVUT on trucks, operating on public highways, with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. The taxes that the IRS collects on these tax Form helps it for highway maintenance and construction. IRS recommends that truck owners e-file their tax returns for easy screening. Taxpayers can also get their stamped schedule 1 copy in their mail, once IRS accepts the tax Form.

How to File Form 2290 Online for the 2022-23 tax year?

The step-by-step instructions for e-filing/pre-filing the tax returns with the IRS is as follows.

  1. Gather all basic business details:

The first section of the 2290 Form asks for basic business information such as the EIN, Name, and address. The second section asks taxpayers to amend the old 2290 and make a final return. This section has four options,

    • Address change
    • VIN correction
    • Amended return – To report additional tax for an increase in taxable gross weight/exceeds mileage exceptions.
    • Final tax return.
2. Figuring the tax amount:
    • Line 1: FUM of the vehicle.
    • Line 2: Total tax amount for the vehicles reported on page 2, column 4
    • Line 3: Additional tax, if there is an increase in the taxable gross weight of the truck.
    • Line 4: Total tax. Add the additional taxes on line 3, add to the amount on line 2 and enter the total tax on line 4.
    • Line 5: Credits. Fill this line, if you are claiming a credit on a vehicle that was sold or destroyed. And trucks that were in use for 5000 miles or less.
    • Line 6: Balance due. If you are claiming credits, subtract line 5 from 4 and enter the amount here. You should also select the option to pay by EFTPS here.
3. Statement in support of suspension:

A vehicle is suspended from Form 2290 if it was in use for less than 5000 miles in a tax year. These vehicles need not pay HVUT taxes but should e-file Form 2290.

  • Line 8: Check box 8a, if you are claiming a suspended vehicle for last year. Enter VIN on 8b.
  • Line 9: If you sell or transfer the suspended vehicle, report its VIN on line 7.
  • Third-party designee: If you permit someone to discuss Form 2290 with the IRS, check ‘yes’ here. Enter their name, contact number, and personal identification number.
  • Signing Form 2290: Sign Form 2290 before mailing it to the IRS. IRS rejects forms with no signature.
4. Completing schedule 1 copies:

Tax Form 2290 comes with two copies of Schedule 1. Taxpayers have to complete both copies and send them to the IRS. IRS uses one copy for reference and sends the other with a stamp to the taxpayer.

Bottom Line:

E-filing the 2290 tax Form is one of the best choices for truck owners. It helps them submit their tax forms with the IRS, as soon as the gateway opens to accept the 2290 HVUT.