How to Pay the Truck Tax – Payment Ways to E-File Form 2290

It’s high time and truckers are racing against the clock to complete their e-filing 2290 before the deadline. All truckers are aware of their deadlines and are busy as bees in the e-filing process. It is time to know the various payment options available for paying HVUT in minutes. Let’s run through few pointers about how to pay the truck tax and payment methods to e-file form 2290

Payment Ways to E-File Heavy Vehicle Tax Form 2290

The Tax2efile is an advisable platform for the majority of truckers for the easy navigation and payment methods available. They are quick and calculate the tax amount for your vehicle after logging in. They lead you to multiple payment methods to pay the amount to the IRS as follows. The IRS payments methods for e-filing form 2290 are

      • Electronic federal tax payment system (EFTPS)
      • Direct debit or electronic funds transfer withdrawal (EFW)
      • Money order or cheque

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

For the benefit of individuals, businesses, federal agencies, tax professionals, and payroll services, the US department of treasury provides the EFTPS service. The best feature of EFTPS service is that it’s secure, best, and quick. 

Tax payment is simple by utilizing the EFTPS website or by calling 1-800-555-4477 (round the clock service). Create a free account by following the instructions of form 2290. The account creation takes about ten business days. There are few points to note for ones paying through EFTPS.  

  • It is advised that payers using EFTPS enroll ten days before filing form 2290 as registration takes up time. 
  • It is the individual’s responsibility and hence schedule tax payment a day before form 2290 deadline. This helps the IRS gain ample time to collect tax prior deadline. 

Direct debit or Electronic Funds Transfer Withdrawal (EFW)

By choosing the EFW or direct debit or electronic fund transfer withdrawal mode of payment, your authorizing IRS to take away the tax amount from your account directly. For this mode of payment, the IRS requires your routing transit number, account number, deducting amount, type of account, etc. All the details are found on the cheque. 

On the day of e-filing form 2290 to the IRS, the EFW payment is also complete. This is also possible by giving a confirmed EFW payment date at the time of e-filing form 2290. With direct debit, there is no partial tax payment available. The best aspect of EFW is that it’s secure, free, safe, and convenient for drivers. The only requirement is to have enough amounts in the account

Cheque or Money Order

A non-electronic way of truck tax payment is by cheque or money order. Print the completed HVUT form 2290 and payment voucher 2290-V from page 11 and mail it to the IRS. 

Internal Revenue Service, 

P.O. Box 804525,


OH 45280 4525

Tax2efile payments are as quick as lightning and are through the latest secured technology. These are few payment methods that help truckers for paying HVUT to IRS without hassles. The Tax2efile calculator is awesome in computing the tax amount and the only chore of truckers is to pick the tax amount and pay within a few clicks.