Best ways to Maintain Mental Health on the Road  


Truckers are hardworking individuals who drive cross-country for days and sometimes weeks. Driving a truck could be a lonely job, and could creep a lot of mental health challenges. Truckers face high stress, loneliness, and mixed emotions on the road. Truckers can take several steps to maintain their mental health on the job. Here are some ways to maintain mental health on the road. 

Tips for truckers to maintain strong mental health on the road

Irrespective of the duration of the journey, truckers go through many changes mentally and physically. Though truckers cannot eliminate all the stressors completely, they should take extra steps to care for their mental health, to be strong truckers overall. 

  1. Get comfortable in the truck:

Driver comfort and their on-road performance go together. If the driver is uncomfortable, it will reflect on their performance. Some effective ways to improve performance are to keep the HVAC in proper condition. Keep away vibrations and noises coming from the undercarriage. Drivers should use advanced technology to take confident driving decisions. They should get enough sleep to ease off stress and tension.  

  1. Watch for warning signs:

Truck drivers should watch for red flags while on the road. Some warning signs are, 

  • losing interest in family and friends 
  • experiencing flashbacks from prior traumatic experiences 
  • feeling distressed or overwhelmed 
  • heart palpitations 
  • living with a constant sense of tension and stress. 
  1. Handle the isolation:

Some truckers will be happy with small social circles, while others prefer elaborate connections. If they isolate themselves from their connections, they will experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. One best ways to alleviate the isolation is to cut short the number of days on the road. Truckers should set aside specific times to call their friends, family, and colleagues, while they are away from home. 

  1. Caring for the body and mind:

Sound mental health is the result of a sound body and mind. Truckers should care for their body and mind by getting enough sleep, exercise, and movement. Truckers should spend time in the gym, walking, and eating nutritious meals. They should also get enough hydration from water or juice. They should also turn off their phone, before going to sleep.  

  1. Grab ample relaxation time:

For people who are out of the trucking industry, spending long hours on the road, seems relaxing. But truckers, who navigate the 80,000-pound vehicle through busy roadways at high speeds. It could invite stress, anxiety, and frustration. Drivers should enjoy relaxation time, not just while waiting at the fuel pump or during bathroom breaks. They should experience full relaxation, disconnecting themselves from the job. They can achieve this by, 

      • stretching out or planning a nature walk 
      • reading a book  
      • listening to music or an audiobook 
      • meditation exercises that focus on easing the physical tension 
      • watching movies on laptops or tablets during rest stops 

Mental health resources are available for truckers through government departments and non-profit agencies. They should ask for help when they require it and connect with fellow drivers to open their minds.