E-File Your Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Hassle-Free with Tax2efile 

Electronically with the IRS

The IRS Form 2290, or the heavy vehicle use tax return, is used to figure and pay taxes for the vehicles that hold a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds (about 24947.56 kg) or more. E-file your HVUT tax Form 2290 helps to save time and money with no monthly fees. Tax2efile is an eminent portal that allows filing taxes for individuals, for their businesses, and on behalf of other businesses. E-Filing Form 2290 is stress-free with Tax2efile.  

 Filing Form 2290 with Tax2efile

Tax2efile is an authorized e-filing tax software that will check the tax form for errors automatically after it is sent. The portal features an amazing bilingual customer support team that helps you with all questions concerning the e-filing process.  

Heavy vehicle owners and operators who have vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds (about 24947.56 kg) or more should file Form 2290 electronically. By choosing to e-file this tax Form through Tax2efile, the taxpayer will get their stamped schedule 1 copy of the tax Form within minutes. If you are a truck owner with more than 25 vehicles, then it is mandatory to file Form 2290 electronically, as mandated by the IRS.  

How to file Form 2290 with Tax2efile?

 E-Filing Form 2290 with the IRS is easy and hassle-free. The taxpayers must create a free account with the portal and enter their 2290 tax information. They should enter all the information about their truck and review the details. Then taxpayers should click on the review and the give button. They will get the stamped Schedule 1 copy of their tax Form in their mail within minutes. The following is the information needed to file IRS tax Form 2290. 

  1. Business Information
    • Name of the business 
    • Employee Identification Number (EIN) 
    • Address of the company. 
  1. Vehicle Details:
    • The month of the first use of the vehicle 
    • Vehicle identification number 
    • Taxable gross weight category 
    • Suspended vehicle 

Advantages of filing Form 2290 online with Tax2efile 

Filing tax Form 2290 with Tax2efile is hassle-free and easy. The portal also offers the following benefits. 

  • Tax2efile’s accounting software integration helps to e-file multiple 2290 forms with one single account. 
  • Registering Tax2efile is simple and easy and has the lowest prices in the industry. 
  • The app instantly audits returns for errors before they are given to the IRS. The portal also offers instant status notifications for taxpayers through text and email. 
  • The auto-check choice in this portal helps avoid chances of errors and form rejections. 
  • Tax2efile offers free VIN corrections. 
  • Taxpayers can upload multiple vehicle data simultaneously with the ‘Bulk Upload’ feature. 
  • Users can avail of unlimited tax filings for rejected 2290 Forms. 
  • It also offers U.S.-based live support through Email, Chat, and Telephone. 

Bottom Line: 

After sending the IRS tax Form, the taxpayers will receive the stamped schedule 1 copy of the tax Form within minutes in their mail, within 24 hours. The processing fee is also minimal in this portal, and the process is time-preserving and cost-efficient.