How to safely share the road with semi-trucks? Tips to Share Road

Semi-trucks are vital for the economy of a country. The chief role of commercial and big rigs is transporting tons of goods across the country every year. While traveling in conjunction with large trucks, there are few safety threats for a driver.  Do you know that 75% of commercial vehicle accidents are due to passenger car drivers? Statistics also state that there were 4,657 fatal accidents in 2017 with semi-trucks involved. Hence to avert such accidents in the future, learning a few tips about safely sharing the road with semi-trucks is mandatory. 

Tips to safely share the road with semi-trucks

The massive weight and size of commercial vehicles result in a varied way of handling than passenger vehicles. Also, the vision of the truck driver is completely different from your view in your arena. With such difference, let us peek into few tips to share the road safely with semi-trucks.

  • Prevent blind spots of trucks

There are blind spots for trucks in the side, rear, and front. The truck driver cannot see you if you are very near to the bumper in the front and near the right of the bumper. Other blind spots are beside the truck and close behind. The perfect way to avoid these blind spots is by maintaining more space between the trailer truck and your vehicle. 

  • Respect oversize loads 

At times you may find pilot cars or trucks labeled “Long Load,” “Wide Load,” or “Oversize Load.” These labels mean that they travel unhurriedly, and additional attentiveness is necessary. Be cautious and never follow the pilot car as it passes the load. 

  • Avoid cutting in front side 

It takes more time for a 40,000-kilogram truck to stop due to the heavyweight it bears. Hence avert cutting in front of the trailer truck as they can’t stop suddenly like passenger vehicles. Also, during any traffic signal, never opt to stop before the trailer truck. There are more chances for you to reduce the truck driver space to stop the truck. 

  • Avoid getting squeezed

Long trucks with heavy loads need more room for turning. During the right turn, the truck swings into the lane beside. In such a situation, the passenger car or motorist might think the right side route is a perfect way. But remember that the space is only temporary, and the trailer and returns to the right lane. It is highly a hazard for the motorist to come alongside the truck on the right side. 

  • look for weather 

During bad weather conditions, trucks may throw rain, mud, snow, and slush onto your windshield, blocking your view. 

  • Offer advanced room and notice

You are already aware that trucks have a restricted view and need more stopping space. Hence, let them know your plan and give the truck drivers an early sign. 

  • Avoid runaway lanes

While traveling down mountain roads amidst uncontrollable situations, trucks take up the runway lanes to avoid the crash. Hence avoid stopping in runway lanes. 

These are a few benefits and safe ways to share the road with semi-truck.