Trucker Couple Adopt Healthy Living on the Road


Couples should ensure they get along great as a driving team on the road. Couples should embrace healthy living on the road as staying in the truck is challenging, owing to tight schedules. They barely get time to prepare and eat healthy food. It is hard to find time for exercising and other activities as well. Getting proper sleep in a moving truck is also a challenge. Thus, couples must make as many modifications as required to embrace healthy living on the road.  

The Government Takes Initiatives to Embrace Healthy Living for Trucker Couples

The trucking companies have begun to embrace health and fitness initiatives for the big rig road warriors. The U.S Xpress has a points system for the drivers, that rewards healthy behaviors of truck drivers with cash. Many systems are in place to reduce the number of drivers who fall sick. The programs help to lower the health care costs and on-the-job injuries, for the truckers.  

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates that drivers take a physical exam every two years. The truckers should undergo screening for heart conditions, diabetes, and respiratory disorders. Drivers who do not pass this, will immediately the driving privileges.  

Ways by Which Couple Truckers Embrace Healthy Living On the Road

It is not uncommon for people to pull up in their trucks and not get out. They end up gaining weight and do not embrace a healthy lifestyle. Some ways to follow a healthy lifestyle during the long haul for truckers are as follows. 

  1. Eating Right:

Truckers should have a mini refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, and other essentials in the truck, to cook and eat healthy meals every day. They can stop their vehicles at the grocery store, and pick up healthy fruits and vegetables to manage their diet requirements. They can also choose to invest in a portable grill to enjoy healthy food options rather than eating fast food items. Truckers can substitute salads, with fried and grilled food items. 

  1. Physical activity:

Some tips for truckers to get moving on the road are as follows, 

  • Explore truck shops with workout centers. If you find one, allow enough time to get at least a quick workout during the stop. 
  • Keep small weights in the truck. Weight lifting helps to keep the blood pumping. It is good to lift weights during idle periods to burn down calories. 
  • Take frequent walks at rest stops, to prevent the muscles from cramping. Resting will also get enough blood to pump through the body. 
  1. Get enough sleep:

Truckers should get enough sleep to mitigate their risks of health problems. Keep a good mattress and a pillow in the cab. This helps to get the most out of each hour of sleep. Enough sleep should be a priority. Catching up enough sleep will prevent them from health issues and endanger the lives of truck drivers.  

Truck driving is a great profession. Truckers can enjoy the road with these tips. They can also have a healthy lifestyle on the road and experience safe travel.