What information will you need to complete the 2290 tax Form? Last Minute Tips


The IRS Form 2290, pertains to the heavy vehicle use tax return. Use the 2290 Form to figure and pay taxes for the vehicles, with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. When truckers buy used vehicles for the current tax period, they have to file Form 2290. Vehicles that run for more than 5000 miles, (7500 miles for agricultural vehicles) should file Form 2290. The due date to e-file HVUT 2290 with the IRS is the last date of the month, following the first used month of the vehicle.

What information will you need to complete the 2290 tax Form?

The tax period to e-file the 2290 forms for the tax year 2022-23 starts from July 1st and extends till August 31st, 2022. All truckers should file tax returns within this period to avoid penalties. Information required to file Form 2290 is,

    • Name and address of the business.
    • Employer Identification Number.
    • Vehicle Identification Number.
    • If the taxable gross weight of the vehicle is more than 55000 pounds.
    • First used month of vehicle.

Uses of IRS tax Form 2290:

    • Use Form 2290 to figure and pay taxes on highway motor vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.
    • Claim suspension from the tax when the vehicle runs for 5000 miles or less. The usage is 7500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles.
    • Claim credits for a tax period on vehicles stolen, sold, destroyed, or used for 5000 miles or less.
    • Report acquisition of a used vehicle, for which you suspend the tax.
    • Figure and pay taxes on a used taxable vehicle, that was acquired and used during the period.

E-filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290:

The IRS suggests the truck owners e-file Form 2290, to process it quickly, and receive the stamped copy of Schedule 1 in minutes. IRS mandates electronic filing for truck owners who report more than 24 vehicles for the tax period.

E-filing has several advantages for truck owners. They can save time and money, compared to paper filing the taxes. Also, with e-filing, you can pre-file the tax returns from 1st to 30th June, to help taxpayers avoid last-minute hassles and late penalties. Also, by pre-filing the tax returns, the truckers can file their tax papers now and pay their taxes later, by the end of August. The taxpayers will also get three months to save for the taxes.

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Bottom Line

If you register a taxable highway motor vehicle, you should file Form 2290. For vehicles first used on a public high during July 2022, then file Form 2290 and pay the appropriate taxes between July 1st and August 31st before the due date. E-filing is the best option to file the taxes with the IRS, and they will get their stamped schedule 1 copy in a minute.