Everything You Should Know About Form 2290 | File 2290

If you are an owner of a heavy vehicle that travels on national highways you should know about the taxes involved for trucks and other heavy vehicles. Form 2290 is also known as the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax form and IRS 2290. The names may be different but they all refer to the same tax returns applicable for heavy vehicles. The tax is controlled by the IRS, which controls the United States Treasury. All the taxes collected by the IRS through the HVUT Tax are channeled to contractors for repair and maintenance of national highways. Not all truck owners have to file the returns, the tax is applicable for vehicles that weigh over 55,000 pounds only. 

The usual tax season starts from the 1st of July and ends on the 31st of August of the next year. All people who are liable to pay the HVUT tax are required to file their returns in the given time period. The basic criterion is that the tax must be paid by the end of the next month from the date of purchase. If you purchase a heavy truck on January 2nd you will need to file Form 2290 by 28th February. If the due date happens to fall on a weekend or is a public holiday, you can file your tax on the next business day. If you fail to pay within the given time, IRS will send a notice stating all of the interests and penalties you need to pay directly to them. 

How to file the tax form?

The easiest way to file your taxes is by going to the online IRS form 2290 Tax filing portal and pay the required amount to IRS. While filing you should be ready with all of the important details of your business, your bank information, and truck details. If you file the form with incorrect information your application will be rejected. The online process requires an Employee Identification Number for online processing. If you do not have an EIN you will not be eligible for filing your tax online.

Payment Methods

Direct Debit – This is one of the simpler methods of payment. The taxpayers can directly give the account details to the IRS and get the amount debited from their account to the IRS. EFTPS – EFTPS can be used if you have a debit or credit card. You can simply pay the IRS using your card through a quick online transaction just like you would do on any shopping website. Money order – Coming to the options for paper filers, a check or money order is one of the recommended modes of payment if you are going to file your tax directly at the nearest IRS office. 

After you complete your payment you will receive proof of payment from the IRS. This is known as Schedule 1. You will need to keep the schedule 1 in your truck at all times as proof of payment. You also need to hold on to the receipt in case you are eligible for any credits from the IRS. You can file for Form 2290 credits using the form 8849. If you want a streamlined process you can opt for services like Tax2efile for complete convenience and easy filling without any of the fuss.