Top 5 Reasons to E-file IRS Form 2290 with Tax2efile

Form 2290 pertains to the highway vehicle use tax returns. Owners of the heavy vehicles use this Form to report the tax dues of their highway motor vehicles if their gross weight is over 55,000 pounds. They can also use 2290 to claim suspension from tax if their truck has run for 5000 miles. Taxpayers can use this Form to claim credits for the tax paid on destroyed, sold, or stolen trucks. 

The due date to file the tax is between 1st July to 31st August. IRS recommends that taxpayers to e-file the returns for faster processing. After e-filing, taxpayers can get the stamped schedule 1 copy of their tax Form in minutes. Tax2efile is the best IRS-approved e-filing service provider that allows taxpayers to e-file their returns. Other good reasons truckers should E-file their IRS Form 2290 with Tax2efile are as follows.

Reasons to E-file Form 2290 with Tax2efile

HVUT is the annual federal highway tax for heavy motor vehicles. The main vehicle categories under this tax are truck tractors and semi-trucks. When truck owners file their HVUT returns through Tax2efile, they can get their stamped Schedule 1 copy for their vehicles within minutes. This proof of payment confirms the allowance to register the truck at the local DMV. 

E-filing with Tax2efile is convenient and easy. It keeps all the information about the trucks and the truck owners safely in its database. The customer support representatives at Tax2efile will walk the taxpayer through every step, ensuring to complete the 2290 Form successfully. Other advantages of e-file Form 2290 with Tax2efile are as follows,

  1. Ease of use:

The website is easy, and hassle-free to use. The truck owners have to create a login to their account for free. They have to enter the vehicle details, such as the EIN and VIN, and they will get the tax amount calculated instantly. 

  1. Simple payment options:

The website offers several payment options, to help people pay their taxes instantly. Truck owners need not perform any software purchases, and they can benefit from their friendly customer support. 

  1. Error-free application process:

If the IRS rejects the 2290 Form for errors, the Tax2efile helps identify the mistakes. It guides the taxpayers to correct the errors. Tax applicants can refile the corrected IRS 2290 Form. This is free at Tax2efile.

  1. Instant correspondence:

Tax2efile acknowledges the tax filing and the payment of the HVUT taxes with the IRS through a stamped schedule. The taxpayers will get the schedule-1 copy in their mail, as soon as the IRS accepts their Form.

  1. File HVUT for multiple vehicles in a single form:

Tax2efile allows the taxpayers to e-file their truck taxes for multiple vehicles through a single registration form. The website will also allow business owners to edit their business information and update them.

Tax2efile allows the tax owners to file their returns before the filing season during the tax year. It has IRS approval and offers the safest and most secure filing solutions, that are quick and easy.