What if I forgot to include some vehicles on a Form 2290 that I just submitted?

Worry not filers, you aren’t the only person to ever forget a vehicle, misplace a VIN number or completely skip over one. Believe it or not, missing a vehicle when it comes time to filing is actually quite common but it’s a fairly easy fix. IRS Form 2290 has no set limit on the number of vehicles you can file at once but if you forget one all you have to do is submit a separate Form 2290 for that vehicle. Now I know what you’re thinking and yes because you will be submitting a new form 2290 you will have to pay a filing fee for that form, but here is something you might not have known. Most e-file providers can edit your submission if you get in touch with them shortly after you submit. For example here at Tax2efile if a customer calls us shortly after submitting a 2290 and they need to update it if it hasn’t been more than say 5 minutes there is still a chance we can cancel the submission to the IRS, edit the 2290 and then resubmit. As an e-file provider, we try to offer quick and effective solutions to any of our filer’s needs.

Of course, if you don’t catch it fast enough you will have to submit an additional 2290 for that vehicle you forgot but don’t let that stress you, just log into your account, click edit next to your business name and then continue through the e-filing process. When you get to the vehicle information page make sure you only have the vehicle you forgot entered. If you have any vehicles entered that were on 2290 you just submitted the IRS will reject the submission due to duplicate VIN numbers. After filling out the vehicle info page continue through the e-filing system and submit the return.

The IRS typically takes no more than 15 minutes to process 2290 when e-filed so on average that is how long it will take to receive your stamped schedule 1. If you have any questions or concerns you can always call us at 703-229-0326 or send an email to support@tax2efile.com .