Change Your Business Address While E-filing IRS Form 2290

Tax2efile completely understands. Your business was booming, you were reeling in all the profits from your company’s hard work; therefore, you decided to move to a larger and more prominent location. Like we said earlier: we understand. Companies constantly pack up their old offices and end up unpacking in a new space with more offices and larger desks. And just because your business has made such large improvements does not mean your company should lose out on refunds or be penalized because the Internal Revenue Service was not completely aware of your transition. Therefore, Tax2efile strongly urges all customers to ensure that their business information, especially address, is up to date in the IRS’s records. For those who do not know how to do so, we have decided to create a walk-through tutorial!

Tax2efile allows customers to change their business information, including business address, while they e-file form 2290. And it is actually quite simple. When a customer is filling out the beginning portion of their Form 2290 where they input all information related to their business (business name, address, EIN, contact number, etc), they should accurately fill in all the necessary information. Once they click “Save & Continue” they will approach another screen that asks questions like the filing year and first month of use. Another question asked is “Address Change,” if the filer inputs an address dissimilar to the address filed with last year, then the filer must select this option. Once they do that, the new address will be recognized as the official address of the business.

Now, if a customer decides that they do not want to change their address through our website we have listed a few other options below:

      • Form 8822-B: A filer can submit the Form 8822-B to the IRS in order to request an address change.
      • Notification in writing: Customers are also given the option of writing in a request for change. They must simply send a written statement to the IRS with their full name, old address, social security number, and EIN.
      • Oral Notification: Customers are able to change their address in person or over the phone, all they must do is provide the correct information requested by the service employee.
      • E-notification: IRS approved applications like “Where’s My Refund” enables the submission of new address information.
      • USPS: If you had provided your new address information to the U.S Postal Service, it retains in its National Change of Address database and IRS automatically updates its database with the same. However, it’s still a good idea to notify IRS of your new address even if you have informed the USPS.