Report an IRS 2290 Suspended Vehicle in 3 Simple Steps

The tax season has arrived and owners of trucks must be aware of the categories of tax payments for trucks. All truckers must be aware that a Heavy Vehicle use tax (HVUT) is not necessary for suspended vehicles. Remember that it is mandatory to declare suspended vehicles through form 2290. Let’s glance through the suspended vehicles category and ways to report an IRS form 2290 suspended vehicle. 

Suspended Category Vehicles

HVUT or heavy vehicle use tax is yearly federal excise tax for heavy vehicles that operate on public highways with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds and more. Owners of the heavy vehicle whose vehicle falls under the suspended vehicle category (Less mileage than prescribed), payment of tax isn’t necessary. But don’t forget to report an HVUT exemption in form 2290. For drivers not declaring the vehicle would be pushed to paying penalties during DOT inspections. 

    • Agricultural vehicles that travel annually within 7000 miles or less. 
    • Commercial vehicles that travel annually within 5000 miles or less. 
    • Vehicles that do not fall under highway motor vehicle categories. Vehicles designed for mobile machinery for non-transportation purposes, highway transportation, trailers, and non-transportation semi-trailers. 
    • Blood collector vehicles. 

Suppose your heavy vehicle runs less than 5000 miles limit during the tax period, a form 2290 suspension is filed to the IRS. 

3 Simple Steps for Suspended Vehicle Form 2290 Filing

Reporting an IRS 2290 for a suspended vehicle is simple by following just three steps as given. 

    • Truckers having an account with Tax2efile login to the account, whereas new drivers can register their details. 
    • The second step is to enter the vehicle details. 
    • In the tax filing tab, fill the month and tax period of filing choose “Suspend any vehicles not expected to exceed 5000 miles during filing year”. Review the details and e-file form 2290

With, filing form 2290 is easy and simple with simple steps as mentioned above. The customer care is always alert and assists the truckers in all ways to complete the form 2290 for suspended vehicles easily. The main objective of the site is easy e-filing, safe, and efficient for customers. It is the ease of use, and promptness that grabs the attention of more individuals to use for form filling. 

Easy Filing Form 2290 with

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Filing form 2290 for suspended vehicles is simple and easy with easy steps. You have awesome sites like for electronic filing form 2290 within seconds. Drivers without delay register and gain an account with for easy filing methods. If you drove less mileage, no worries there are options for the same, and no payment is required.