Credit and Debit Card Payments for Form 2290 Returns Temporarily Suspended

Being a responsible truck owner, truckers might be busy e-filing form 2290. The due dates are approaching and there are few changes regarding payment. Are the truckers aware that credit and debit card payments are temporarily suspended for Form 2290? Let’s take a detailed look at the payment changes and ways to make payment for form 2290.

Latest Update on Payment for HVUT

NOTE: The IRS has recently declared that the tax payment method for form 2290 through credit and debit card is on hold temporarily. The HVUT tax payment through debit/credit card will take up again from 1st January 2021. This is the latest update that every HVUT filer must know.

Other Ways of Payment to Filing Form 2290

After filling out Form 2290 details, the HVUT payment is possible in the following ways. The tax2efile takes the sole responsibility in calculating and representing the tax amount to be paid by the drivers.

      • Electronic federal tax payment system (EFTPS).
      • Electronic funds withdrawal (EFW).
      • Money order or check.

EFTPS: If the tax filing individual opts for EFTPS, then it is mandatory to enroll in EFTPS before using it. To know more details regarding EFTPS, the individual can visit the EFTPS website. For ones e-filing form 2290 and utilizing EFTPS should not include payment voucher. They should also remember to tick the EFTPS box found on form 2290 found on line 6. It is also important to make EFTPS payment on time.

EFW: For electronic filing of Form 2290 tax, payments are through by authorization of debit. For making payments with direct debit, there is no need to include a payment voucher.

Money order or check: If the tax filer has decided to send the payment through money order or check as payment, the Form 2290-V payment voucher is mandatory. The tax filer must fill the details of HVUT form 2290-V payment voucher and send it with the money order or check.

Since the credit and debit card payments for form 2290 returns are temporarily suspended, the above methods are useful. E-filing tax and making payments are easy and simple with very few steps. Tax2efile is one of the best-approved platforms that have a secured payment gateway.

Easy E-filing with

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Drivers hence need not worry about temporary suspension of credit and debit card payments. It is only a temporary suspension and other ways of methods are available. Hope all tax filers find this information useful. Why sit back? Grab your device and log in to e-file and pay your HVUT tax before the due date.