Top 10 FAQs about IRS 8849 Form to Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes

8849 FAQs

FAQs about Form 8849 Schedules

  1. What is Form 8849?

Taxpayers can use the IRS Form 8849 to file a claim for acquiring refunds of the excise taxes. They can also use this form to claim certain refunds when the vehicle is sold, stolen, or destroyed.

  1. What are the different schedules of Form 8849?

Schedule 1: To claim refunds on nontaxable use of fuels

Schedule 2: For amending sales by registered ultimate vendors

Schedule 3: For claiming alternative fuel credits

Schedule 5: Section 4081 (e) claims

Schedule 6: Other claims including the credit claim of Form 2290

  1. What is the use of Schedule 6?

Taxpayers should use schedule 6 to claim refunds on excise taxes if the vehicle was sold/stolen/destroyed before June 1st. They can also use this to claim a refund on tax overpayments.

  1. Who should file Form 8849?

Tax Form 8849 should be filed by,

  • Anyone who overpaid taxes on Form 2290
  • Owners of sold, destroyed, or stolen vehicles
  • Owners of vehicles who traveled 5000 miles or less on public highways
  • Owners of vehicles who traveled 7500 miles or less.
  1. Who shouldn’t file 8849 Form?

Tax Payers should not file Form 8849 to make adjustments to liabilities reported on Form 720. They should instead use Form 720X, for their quarterly federal excise tax returns. Do not use Form 8849 to make credits on Schedule C. 

  1. What is the information required to file Form 8849?

The information given in Form 8849 is enough to request a refund. For claiming refunds for stolen, sold, or destroyed vehicles, the following information is essential.

  • The vehicle identification number
  • The taxable gross weight category of the vehicle
  • The date of sale, theft, or destruction of the vehicle
  • Computation of the refund amount
  • Name and address of the vehicle purchaser.
  1. When is the due date to file IRS Form 8849?

There is no specific deadline or due date to file Form 8849. You can pay it anytime when the vehicle is stolen, sold, or destroyed. You should have filed your 2290 HVUT tax Form first.

  1. How can I file Form 8849?

The IRS currently requires taxpayers to submit their Electronic Excise Tax Forms through an approved IRS transmitter such as Tax2efile. 

  1. How long will it take to get refunds on Form 8849?

The IRS will process refunds on Electronically filed Forms 8839, schedules 2,3, and 8 within 20 days after accepting and approving the Forms. Other schedules of Form 8849 will take 45 days to process.

  1. How will I get my refund?

The IRS manually processes and distributes the refunds on all 8849 claims as paper checks.

  1. Can I make claims on multiple vehicles using one 8849 Form?

Yes, Tax2efile allows taxpayers to file more than one vehicle claim, using the IRS 8849 Form. 

  1. What are the advantages of e-filing the HVUT Form with Tax2efile?

E-filing HVUT tax Form 2290 with Tax2efile has several advantages. Your tax forms will be processed faster. If the tax credits are higher than HVUT for the current tax year, it will auto-generate Form 8849, and will directly lead the taxpayers to claim their tax credits.