Form 2290 Schedule 1 Copy – Proof of Heavy Highway Tax Form 2290 Payment

Most of the time, customers can get away with renewing their plates and tags by simply showing the local Department of Motor Vehicles’ office their Stamped Schedule-1. As the Internal Revenue Service claims, the Stamped Schedule-1 is typically the only proof of payment needed to show that a heavy vehicle owner/operator has, in fact, paid and completed their heavy highway Tax Form 2290. However, no one state, or for that matter, no one Department of Motor Vehicles’ office is the same. Some demand additional proof of payment, which the Internal Revenue Service also cites on their website. No need to fret, the Tax2efile team is here to help our customers!

To stay safe, the Tax2efile Customer Service team suggests to all our customers that they take two proofs of payment to their local Department of Motor Vehicles’ office. Most DMV offices accept the Stamped Schedule-1, which filers are able to receive about twenty minutes after e-filing Form 2290 Online through our service. The Stamped Schedule-1 basically lists all the vehicles that a filer has paid the heavy vehicle use tax form and their weight category so that the DMV can keep accurate records of all of the heavy vehicles in use in our country. Under rare circumstances, the second proof of payment may be required and this secondary proof of payment can be anything that shows the verified financial transaction of a customer’s payment to the Internal Revenue Service for a 2290 Online. We tend to suggest taking a bank statement to the office as the second proof of payment because it vividly shows whether the 2290 Online tax payment had been made or not.

The Tax2efile thought this would be a good topic to cover because we never want to lead our customers astray. In most situations, the Stamped Schedule-1 is all that is necessary in order for a heavy vehicle operator to receive their necessary tags from the local DMV; however, there have been reported instances when they ask for more than that. Therefore, we thought it best to notify all our customers about the potential situation of them having to show more than one proof of payment.