Is the Covid-19 affected form 2290 deadline for 2020-21 tax years?

Check your reminders and calendars truckers, as the IRS 2290 form filing season has just a few days left. Amidst COVID-19 pandemic spread, drivers are indeed mystified regarding filing form 2290. Many may conclude that due dates may be extended due to COVID-19 spread. Drivers doubt regarding this is responded, and reading through the details assists in filing form 2290 in time.

Is form 2290 deadline affected due to COVID-19?

The tax form 2290 online has no changes in the deadline or due date owing to COVID-19. Only April 15, 2020 taxes had changed due to the pandemic effect and to July 15, 2020. Hence truck drivers are to pen down, that form 2290 filing 2020-21 has no changes in this pandemic season. It’s high time to file form 2290 for heavy-duty trucks.

Every individual raises doubts regarding the online filing of form 2290. The federal tax government made changes and extended tax deadlines too. But people raise queries as to what forms fall under the extended deadline category? Is there a tax extension for truck drivers too? Drivers are working on a regular mode even though the pandemic period.

Hence they need to file form 2290 and there is no change in form 2290 deadline for 2020-21 owing to COVID-19. Every trucker should bear in mind to complete 2290 filing and pay on fixed dates.

Filing 2290 in Covid-19 Pandemic Season

Punctual filing of form 2290 as per its due date is mandatory. Truck drivers are to be prompt in filing form 2290 2020-21. This crisis is a tough period to travel to the IRS office for paying taxes. With coronavirus being a threat to every US citizen’s life, choosing a smart way for filing is advisable. Paper filing of form 2290 in this pandemic situation is not a good idea and deadline extension is not available too.

So, what’s the next step in filing form 2290 for 2020-21 before the due date? 2290 form online filing is the safe, best, and speedy option. easily assists drivers for filing and payment online. Form 2290 online filing is the safest method for today’s scenario and completes filing in minutes.

Form 2290 Schedule 1 proof is got in minutes in e-file format and hence truckers travel with heavy vehicles adhering to rules. is an IRS approved service provider and user-friendly site, where the drivers just need to register, input details, and submit to IRS. In the blink of an eye, the proof of payment of 2290, e-filing of form 2290 is available.

Hope truck drivers are clear and ready to file form 2290 and make payments before the due date. Truck drivers are punctual in their work even during the COVID-19 season and would be so in filing form 2290 too.  You’re just a few steps away, just log in to and experience the best way for filing and payment. You just need to provide us your details and we process the rest.

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