Do’s and Don’ts – E-filing your Form 2290 with IRS

As a taxpayer, you will be aware of how to file Form 2290? And benefits of pre-filing and e-filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)? But a trucker must know “What to do?” and “What not to do?” while e-filing your Form 2290 with IRS. When you familiarize with the “do’s” and “don’ts” while preparing IRS 2290 Form you can save yourself from filing 2290 amendment or 2290 corrections. This saves much of your time and effort. So here you go with a list of Do’s and Don’t of E-filing IRS 2290 Form.

18.Dos and Donts - E-filing your Form 2290 with IRS

Do’s of E-filing Form 2290

Do Form 2290 Pre-File

The tax filer can pre-file Form 2290 with Etax2290 for the forthcoming tax year throughout the month of June. It is always recommended to pre-file your Forms. This gives relief from filing tax for the year instead of worrying about the tax throughout the year. Remember only last minute tax filing attracts more errors and corrections. Once you have pre-filed the tax with Etax2290, we will transmit your Form 2290 to the IRS during the tax season which begins on July 1st.

Do Keep Your Tax Records

It is always safe to keep your record details like mileage and trip information. This could help you if you need to file for suspended vehicle and this serves as a proof that your vehicle is under the mileage limit. So keeping your tax records could save you in many ways. When you file with Etax2290, you are ensuring that you are keeping the records safe and secure for years.

Do Acquire your Employee Identification Number (EIN)

To file a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) you must have EIN, note that you cannot file Form 2290 with your Social Security Number (SSN). If you do not have an EIN you must apply immediately with no further delay, as it may take few days to active your EIN in the IRS system. Only after successful update in the IRS system, you will be able to pre-file or e-file your IRS 2290 Form.

Do Know Basic Details of your Vehicle:

As a professional trucker, you must know the basic details about your heavyweight vehicle such as VIN and Gross Vehicle Weight in order to file your Form 2290 correctly. Calculating Gross Vehicle of the vehicle is simple, and it can be done by summing up the following three numbers. 

  • 1.       Unloaded weight of the vehicle.
  • 2.       Unloaded weight of the trailer.
  • 3.       Maximum weight of the cargo that is carried by the vehicle or trailer.

 Do Identify the Types of Taxable Vehicles:

4.   A regular heavyweight vehicle will weigh 55,000 lbs or more, and driven more than 5,000 miles on public highways. These vehicles come under the regular taxable vehicle and you file your IRS 2290 Form as normal and pay the applicable heavy vehicle use tax.

5.   Suspended vehicles can be either agricultural vehicle or any heavy vehicle that has driven under the mileage limit for the given tax year. For the heavy vehicle the mileage limit is 5,000 and for agricultural vehicles, the limit is 7,500. When you have a suspended vehicle, you only have to file HVUT and you do not owe any other tax.

6.   Vehicles that are used for agriculture and farming comes under agricultural vehicles. These vehicles have some exception in mileage limit; these vehicles can be driven up to 7,500 miles on the public highway until they are not considered as a suspended vehicle.

7.   Logging vehicles are used to transport forest materials from a foresting site; else it can be referred as a vehicle which transports forested material from one site to the other. Companies or truck drivers who use logging vehicles can pay tax less for the given tax year. So ensure to specify that you are driving a logging truck while filing Form 2290 online.

Do Pre-file or E-file with

Great people think wise and they opt for Etax2290 to file their tax returns. As an IRS certified tax service provider, we keep your records safe and secure. Our tax filings are accurate and done by professional tax experts. Just a click is a way to connect with us

Don’t of E-filing Form 2290

Don’t file your 2290 form at the last minute:

When there is an option to pre-file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290, why are you waiting to file your tax returns till last minute? For instance, if you are filing the tax return at the last minute and your form get rejected for some reason. Then you are at the risk of missing the 2290 deadline and also you are inviting penalties for late filing. So when you pre-file your Form 2290, you get enough time to correct your mistakes.

Don’t put away your Trip sheets:

The trip sheets are more important and accomplish its purpose when you plan to file for a suspended vehicle. Keeping the records safe, it will help you in filing any sort of taxes. So filing your Form 2290 with Etax2290 will help to keep your records safe and you can track the details when needed.

Don’t file your tax with New EIN:

Generally, it takes about 2 weeks for your EIN to become active. When you file any tax return before the EIN becomes active, the form will be rejected. EIN is a prime factor while you file Form2290. So have your EIN ready well before applying the tax returns considering the activation time.

Don’t guess the tax filing details:

While filling the tax and other details about your heavyweight vehicle ensure that you are entering the correct VIN, and Gross Vehicle Weight. If you are entering incorrect GVW, then you may end up in paying more than the actual HVUT amount. It also invites problem when the scales in the weigh station and the stamped Schedule 1 does not match.

Don’t Miss Your Saving:

When you are using a logging vehicle or suspended vehicle for transportation, then you are eligible for a tax discount. And when you use the agricultural vehicle you have extra 2,500 miles from the mileage limit.(Agricultural vehicle mileage limit is 7,500 miles). Hence ensure to specify what kind of vehicle you are using, so that you will be eligible for some tax savings.

So do not waste your time in waiting for next tax year to start. Let us begin pre-filing Form 2290 with Etax2290. If you have any queries while e-filing or pre-filing Form 2290, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 703-229-0326 or you can drop an Email at for 24*7 support.