Different Ways to Filing IRS Tax Form 2290

Those of you who are involved in the trucking trade, you’re almost no strangers to the HVUT, but others out there are just getting started and want to be sure they are meeting their responsibilities. Even the veterans of the industry may not catch all the changes as they come. So let us go through the different ways to file  IRS Form 2290  so that everyone gets a basic idea of what’s going on.

Understanding Heavy Vehicle Tax Exemptions and Requirements

What it means to be a trucker, the Heavy Vehicle Tax is a tax that the government requires to be paid by the professional men and women who use large machines to do business on our highways and streets. In theory, it is paid by anyone running a rig that weighs about at least 55,000 pounds, including trailers and a typical full load. Some of you out there, however, may be exempt. For instance, commercial vehicles are not required to pay a tax that travels less than 5,500 miles on an annual basis. And the same goes for agriculture rigs that don’t travel any more than 7,500.

There are also exemptions for other vehicles, including bloodmobiles, the Red Cross, government vehicles, volunteer rescue services, and many others. But in most cases, even if you’re not responsible for paying the fee, you are still responsible for at least filing Tax Form 2290 to show you are free of the duty.

The most common way for all to pay the highway use tax is to drive into the office of the IRS in your city or town and turn the paperwork in. To make this a little easier and convenient, you can go online and download the form first. By the time you show up to the office, the form is already filled out and ready for the further process. However, they have the forms on hand in the office if you don’t have the internet. But for a lot of drivers, this is a ridiculous amount of effort for such a small amount of cash.

Effortless HVUT Filing with Tax2efile

Fortunately, carriers no longer have to stress and worry about deciding how to file for the HVUT because tax2efile is able to electronically file Form 2290 for an extremely affordable price. Tax2efile is trusted by many of the largest carriers and service providers in North America. If you have any questions, please contact us at our USA-based customer support center in Herndon, VA at 703-229-0326 or email us at support@tax2efile.com.