What You Need to Know About IRS Form 2290 Taxes?

All the truck owners who wish to run the transport business legally have to bind to certain rules derived by the Local Department of Motor Vehicles which holds the control in issuing the permit. One of the important mandatory requirements to adhere to the derived rules is paying the truck tax annually. To pay the tax, one should file Form 2290 or IRS HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) to the local responsible department. The Tax which will be paid by each individual is used for a good cause like Infrastructure development, and funding for national roadways projects including road maintenance and its administration. There is an option of e-filing Form 2290 for each fiscal year.
The weight of the truck which you operate really matters to file the Tax return and the prescribed weight of the vehicle only comes under the scope of IRS HVUT. If you are operating a vehicle that weighs more than 55,000 pounds, you must pay and file tax return 2290 to IRS to get the stamped schedule-1 which enables the Local Department of Motor Vehicles to grant the permit to your vehicle to operate on National Highways legally.

Dedicated agents who are familiar with the norms of the Department of Motor Vehicles can help if you are seeking a bulk filing of IRS Form 2290 HVUT Truck tax. The agent will help you to navigate through the process and e-fling by providing access to the necessary accessories.

What is Form 2290 exactly? How is the tax calculated?

IRS Form 2290 is nothing but the form used to file the Truck tax or Heavy Vehicle Use tax. It is an excise tax that needs to be paid to the governing body in this case the IRS. There are many factors that will be considered for calculating the Tax for your vehicles. The factors are listed below –

      • Whether the vehicles are used for over 5000 miles or not.
      • Vehicle category. The Mass/Weight of the Vehicle.

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