Pre-file IRS 2290 Form for the Tax Year 2019-2020

Hello Truckers, pre-filing 2290 tax is started in for the tax season 2019-20. No more waiting to file the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). By pre-filing the IRS 2290 tax online, reduce the burden of waiting to file the 2290 tax form and drive your truck stress-free.

In this blog, let us discuss more about what is IRS 2290 Form pre-filing, how it helps truckers, and why pre-filing the HVUT tax form is a better option.


As an owner of a heavy vehicle, filing the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) in every tax year is mandatory. Tax needs to be paid when,

  • The gross weight of the vehicle is more than or equal to 55,000 pounds, and
  • Mileage limit crosses 5,000 miles a year.

If the vehicle is used for agricultural purpose and crossed 7,500 miles in the tax year. Then, the IRS 2290 form must be filed. The tax year starts from 1st of July to 30th of June the next year.  So the truckers can file the IRS 2290 Form either manually or e-filing 2290 form. ETAX2290 can assist the truckers to e-file the 2290 form online with professional support.

Pre-filing IRS 2290 Form online:

As a busy trucker, remembering the tax deadline and filing them on time is little difficult. To solve this, the IRS came up with the concept of pre-filing. Through pre-filing the 2290 form online, the trucker can file the Form 2290 online before the tax filing season and pay them later, before the tax filing deadline.

This approach reduces much of the stress and gives a relief from the tax and their calculations in the hectic tax season. Also, it reduces the unnecessary confusions during the tax time as many of the truckers file at the same time and avoids the wait time to receive the stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS.

Pre-filing makes filing simpler as the incorrect or the rejected HVUT tax forms can be corrected and filed on time before the deadline. This also overcomes the IRS penalties, which are levied due to late submission of the IRS 2290 form, as the truckers file the IRS 2290 form way ahead before the deadline.

Benefits of Pre-filing 2290 tax online:

There are various benefits when you pre-file the HVUT tax before the tax season. Listing few of the benefits, why you need to pre-file 2290 tax online with

  1. Correct the 2290 form before the due date, if there are any.
  2. Get the stamped Schedule 1 within minutes from the IRS as soon as the filing season begins.
  3. Pre-file now and pay for the IRS 2290 form anytime in the filing time.
  4. There are no extra charges to pre-file the HVUT tax online.
  5. Avoid waiting to file the 2290 tax online and reduce stress.
  6. In case of rejected tax forms, get some time to correct and re-file them before the deadline.
  7. Corrections in VIN can also be done in this pre-filing.
  8. Get 24/ 7 dedicated customer support to file the 2290 tax online.

On the whole, Pre-filing gives some extra time, flexibility in payment till the filing season, reduces the stress to file before the deadline, and get the stamped Schedule 1 instantly when IRS received the filed IRS 2290 tax form.

Start Filing IRS 2290 Tax Online Now:

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