How To Deal with Overpaid Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290?

overpaid tax 2290

The tax season is on the move and it is the busiest time for all the truckers, owner-operators, drivers, and the trucking companies. To smoothen your filing work, keep in mind that e-filing could save much of your time and effort. Moreover, for last minute, tax filers filing Form 2290 online would be the best way. So let us move straight to the topic with no further delay.

Overpaid Heavy Vehicle Use Tax The trucking industry is thone of the industries that contribute a major portion of support and growth of the country. There are certain scenario where the tax filers over pay their taxes unintentionally. Overpayment of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax occurs under the following conditions during the tax period: • If the vehicle is stolen, destroyed or sold. • If the vehicle did not exceed 5,000 miles which is the mileage limit (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) or • If you have overpaid the tax incorrectly for the tax period,

Whatever may be the case, there is nothing to worry about the extra amount that you paid, as you can sort out the issue through We not only assist you to e-file HVUT tax but also can fix the issues that are related to Form 2290.
When such situation happens, you can call up the IRS at 800-829-4933 instantly and report the incident. On the other hand, you can also file a claim to refund the tax amount through IRS tax form 8849 Schedule 6. Here you need to re-file the Form 2290 in order to get the stamped Schedule 1. By doing so, you are paying the tax twice but you will get the refund on over paid taxes.

Credit for Vehicles The credit for stolen, destroyed or sold vehicle during the tax year is prorated depending upon the date of the occurrence. Here, you need to include the gross weight of the vehicle, VIN, and date of theft, accident, or sale whichever is appropriate. Here the credit for the vehicles can be claimed on the next Form 2290 or can claim a refund by filing the Form 8849.

When the credit for low mileage vehicles is qualified, you can get the full amount as a credit. The credit is not prorated. For the vehicles that are used within 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) the credit cannot be claimed until the completion of the current tax year for which the payment was made. Even when you predict that the vehicle will not cross the mileage limit in the tax year you cannot make a claim for it. You need to wait until the next filing tax year to start.

As an approved e-filing service provider of the IRS, we cannot terminate the file submission after completing the Form submission. When the ‘Submit’ button is clicked your IRS 2290 Form application is transmitted to the IRS through our servers.
Now it is your responsibility to provide your business details like name, contact information, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), and filing tax year while you re-file your Form 2290. You can choose a mode of payment to pay your tax amount even when submitting the form again.

Hope this article gave wide information about the details of how to deal with the overpaid highway heavy vehicle tax Form 2290. Still if you have any queries to answer and for more assistance, contact our customer support team at 703-229-0326 or drop a mail at We are happy to assist you at any time.