Know About the IRS Form 2290 New Payment Options - Credit/Debit Card

Need to Know About the New IRS Form 2290 Payment Options

pay 2290 taxes with credit or debit card

The IRS tax season for 2018-19 has already started and also begun working with the customers to file Form 2290 online for the 2018-19 tax year ahead of the schedule. E-File your HVUT Form 2290 with ahead and sit back to enjoy the leisure time with your family.

IRS Payment Options for filing Form 2290

Selecting the payment option is important in filing your IRS Form 2290. After completing all the process, and filling the required information you are required to select the appropriate payment option that is convenient for you. IRS has included a new payment option for filing 2290 form in this tax season. So you have 4 different payment options to choose from. What is the new payment option that is added? It’s credit or debit card!

Credit or Debit Card

From July 2018, the IRS allows the customers to pay their tax amount through their credit or debit card. This is the new payment option that is included by the IRS in this tax season.

Direct Debit or Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW)

In order to opt this payment method, you need to provide your banking details like account number and routing number. So that you authorize the IRS to debit the tax amount that you owe to the IRS from the provided bank account. Ensure that you have enough balance in your bank account to cover the owed amount.

Usually, the amount is withdrawn within 48 hours after successful authorization. When you need to cancel the payment contact the IRS payment service at 888 353 4537 at least 2 days the payment date.

EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)

EFTPS is another electronic payment option used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). When you choose this payment option, you need to create a free account in EFTPS site. Remember that, you need to create the account earlier as it takes up to 10 business days to establish this type of account.

When you are paying the HVUT tax amount through EFTPS to the IRS, you need to give your bank account information and allow the IRS to withdraw the tax amount that you owe. Also, you need to schedule the payment time before 8 p.m. the day before it has to be received by the IRS.

Check or Money Order

Next payment option is Check or money order. You can make the tax payment that you owe through money order or check to the IRS. If you pick this payment option, you need to print the payment voucher, 2290-V from page 11 of the completed Form 2290 and then mail the same to the IRS by the 2290 deadline of 31st August.

The check or money order must be payable to the United States Treasury. Here you are required to add your name, address, EIN, date and add the name “IRS Form 2290” along with the payment.

Do not any cash through the mail to the IRS.

Remember not to staple the payment along with the voucher. And send the payment and voucher 2290 V to:

Internal Revenue Service

  1. O. Box 804525,

Cincinnati, OH 45280 – 4525

These are the available 4 different payment options to make the tax payment that you owe to the IRS. Select the appropriate payment option that is convenient. Do not forget the new IRS payment option to make use of and start filing IRS 2290 Form through 

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