Transferring Your 2290 from Old Truck to New Truck

When a trucker who owns a heavy vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more can file Form 2290 through Tax2efile. The tax period of filing starts on July 1, 2019, and ends on June 30, 2020. It is filed on the last day of the month from first the month of first use.

There are two constraints to filing this form. The vehicle meeting these categories must file Tax2efile. They are.

  • A vehicle that transfers the goods to and fro from the location.
  • A registered vehicle that uses the highway for the transportation of their goods.

But what happens when you purchased or swapped a new vehicle and need to transfer Form 2290? Are you able to transfer it? Is there any possibility to do that? These are the questions you may encounter while you transfer your 2290 form to a new vehicle.

Tax2efile can provide a better option for transferring Form 2290 to a new vehicle. The tax period is calculated based on the first used month of the vehicle. When you used the new vehicle in March 2018 then the tax must be filed on April 30th.

As the deadline is less, you need to act quickly to swap over the 2290 HVUT Form. When you are in a hurry, you could act better through Tax2efile with an alternate approach. All you have to do is to Create an account on Tax2efile, Proceed with the E-filing 2290 Form, Claim the credit vehicle in Form 2290, and receive the new Stamped Schedule 1 through mail immediately.

Step-by-Step Process to Transfer Form 2290 to New Vehicle

Step 1:

Create a Login with Tax2efile. To do so, Enter your vehicle, EIN, and your business information before starting to file the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). Then click Start E-filing, and choose the Form to file. Enter the first used month. (When you purchased or swapped your new vehicle). 

Step 2:

Enter the taxable vehicle details for the new vehicle. Provide the information of the VIN, gross weight and select whether the vehicle is used for logging. Save the session and skip to the Credit Vehicles details page.

Step 3:

Enter the details of the Credit Vehicle. You are able to receive the prorated refund on the HVUT tax that is paid previously. Enter the VIN, and gross weight of the taxable vehicle, and also enter the details of a loss event. Hence, you can choose the date on which the vehicle was sold, destroyed, or lost by uploading the required evidence. In the case of the sale, a bill is required to state the act.

Step 4:

Select the payment option to do the payment and select transmit. The IRS receives your new Form 2290, reviews it, and when accepted by the IRS you will receive your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes.

The transferring of Form 2290 to a new vehicle is as simple as you e-file your HVUT 2290 Form when you e-file through Tax2efile. You can also get any assistance through our customer support team when you are stuck in the middle of the filing process or transferring Form 2290 for the new vehicle.