FAQs for Truckers Who e-file Form 2290 with IRS

FAQs for Truckers to E-file 2290 Form

  1. Who should file Form 2290 and pay the HVUT?

Anyone who registers a highway-heavy motor vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more should file Form 2290, to pay the taxes. Owners of pickup trucks, panel trucks, and vans need not file pay taxes on these smaller trucks. If the vehicles run for 5,000 miles or less, they should file returns, but need not pay tax.

  1. Who should e-file Form 2290?

IRS encourages all truck owners to e-file 2290 tax returns. If they report 25 or more taxable highway motor vehicles, then IRS mandates compulsory e-filing. Truckers only have to pay a small service fee to the software provider. 

  1. How will truckers know that IRS has received the return?

The IRS will send email notifications to the truckers. Truckers will get access to the electronic version of Schedule 1, featuring a watermark of the IRS e-file logo in the background. 

  1. How can truckers make corrections to their e-filed return?

Truckers can e-file their corrections to their mileage, weight, and VIN. If they make any other errors on their e-filed returns, they can make corrections on the paper Form 2290. They have to mail the tax forms to the IRS address.

  1. If truckers buy another vehicle after filing Form 2290 for the current tax period, how can they add a new vehicle to Schedule 1?

If they e-file Form 2290 and list the vehicles on schedule 1, and if they buy a new vehicle, they should file a new tax Form 2290, listing only the new vehicles. They should e-file Form 2290, before the last day of the trucks’ FUM.

  1. Can truckers file one Form 2290 for two vehicles they place on the road for consecutive months?

No, the tax due depends on the first use month of the vehicle on public highways during the tax period. The tax period starts on July 1 and ends on June 30. Thus, they should file two different forms, one for each vehicle.

  1. What if IRS rejects my e-filed return for duplication?

Truckers should ensure that their Vehicle Identification Numbers are correct and there are no duplications from their previous filing. They can correct such errors and re-file with the IRS. Truckers can correct the VINs on accepted returns either electronically or through paper format.

  1. Can truckers claim refunds electronically for stolen, sold, or destroyed trucks during the tax period?

Yes. Truck owners can claim credits for the tax they pay on Form 2290, either during the same or the next tax period. The credits may not be more than the tax they report on IRS Form 2290. The refund amount depends on whether the vehicle was sold, destroyed, or stolen.

  1. Where can they find an approved e-filing service provider?

The IRS lists the names of approved e-filing service providers for Form 2290. Tax2efile is a credible e-filing service provider with IRS approval. They make e-filing as easy as a breeze and ensure that the truck owners get stamped schedule-1 copy in their mail, instantly.