How to Get Low Mileage Credits for Your HVUT Form 2290?

Truck drivers must be gearing up as 2290 heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT) season is up. Though all drivers are aware, a recap refreshes the basics of IRS 2290. The IRS form 2290 is a heavy highway vehicle use tax. Between July 1 and August 31 is the due period for tax payment with gross vehicles that weigh 55,000 pounds or more.

How many truck drivers are aware that the tax amount relies on vehicle mileage as well as the weight? Heavyweight trucks pay high taxes, but low mileage drivers possess a silver lining. With a better understanding of 2290, drivers have the luck to claim credits for low mileage usage. Yes, the form 2290 tax form helps in a refunding claim on low mileage vehicles. Let’s peek through how to get low mileage credits for your HVUT.

What is a Low Mileage Credit?

      • If you operate and owe a commercial truck, you must file a form 2290 with the IRS during the tax year. However, if you drive less than 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agriculture vehicles), then do not need to file and pay heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT). 
      • If you are planning to drive less than 5,000 miles during the tax year, you can describe as a ‘Suspended Vehicle‘ and no need to file and pay HVUT for the tax year.
      • If you paid HVUT return but did not drive more than 5000 miles then you can claim low mileage credit claim. 

How to File Form 2290 Low Mileage Credit?

Low mileage credit claim is through federal excise tax refund claim form 8849 under schedule 6 return. The IRS form 8849 is applicable for low mileage vehicle claims, overpayment of tax and destroyed, sold, or stolen vehicle claims.

      1. Log in to your Tax2efile account.
      2. Click on the Form 8849 Schedule 6.
      3. Enter the Business information that is EIN and business info.
      4. Select your 2290 Tax form
      5. Skip the Sold/Destroyed and overpayment vehicle section.
      6. Click Add Credit Vehicle in the Low Mileage Credit section and enter all information. You will see your credit come up.
      7. Review your information and pay the Tax2efile filing fee and you’re done.

Drivers must make a note that there is no possibility of a low mileage claim till the end of June and in between the tax period. A credit claim is allowable only for the previous tax year and claims allowable period. Drivers hence need to pause until the tax period ends. Claims are acceptable by IRS only within 3 years and not more. Once the credit claim filing is complete with appropriate details, IRS processes it. The refund is in the form of a check, reaches the mailing address as in records.

Hope the information regarding low mileage credit claims. Why sit back? Check your mileage and claim your money back. Tax2efile assists you in all ways in gaining you low mileage credit within a few clicks.