Non-Taxable Vehicles-Vehicles not Considered Highway Motor Vehicles

The trucking industry is swamped as the taxing season is playing its role. Drivers are busy e-filing form 2290 for their highway motor vehicles that hold a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. All truckers don’t need to pay HVUT. The real fact is that few non-taxable vehicles do not fall under highway motor vehicles. Here is a peek about such vehicles. 

Vehicles not Considered Highway Motor Vehicles

Vehicles with the following features do not fall under highway motor vehicles. 

Mobile machinery intended for non-transportation function

These are specially designed, self-propelled and aren’t grouped as highway vehicles if

      • The chassis is mounted permanently to the equipment or machinery for few operations. The operations performed are manufacturing, construction, timbering, mining, drilling, farming, processing, and similar operations. If the equipment operations or machinery is unrelated to moving off or on the road. 
      • The chassis is not utilized as a part of the vehicle to carry the load for its specific design, and for not possessing a substantial structural modification. 
      • The design of the chassis was purposely to only serve as a mobile carriage. Though the equipment or machinery is in operation or not, the chassis is mounted. 

Off-highway transportation purpose vehicles

When a vehicle is designed for a particular function of transporting specific load other than public highways, then they are not highway motor vehicles. Since the vehicles bear a special design, the freedom of the vehicle to carry the load over public highways is less or under the limit. To conclude this, there are few aspects to take into account such as vehicle licensing, size, the capability of the vehicle to travel at a speed of 25 miles per hour, safety, etc. 

Non-transportation semi-trailers and trailers

Trailers and semi-trailers specially designed for functioning as a closed stationary shelter do not fall under highway motor vehicles. They are also intentional non-transportation functions on the off-highway site. Example: The off-highway construction offices possess Trailers as office and hence are not a highway vehicle. 

Hope the information is clear and all truck owners understand if their trucks are taxable or not. With so many categories and features to know and understand about trucks, determining whether the truck is taxable is now clear. These truck owners are to declare the status of their vehicles to the IRS. 

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