What is CVSA Inspection? Safety Roadcheck for Truckers

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IRS form 2290 tax returns e-filing on July 1st, 2014 is indispensable for truckers, bus operators, and fleet owners, in the same way even Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is equally important as a guiding force to truckers, especially for their vehicles and drivers’ safety through yearly Roadcheck. This year 2014 North American road inspection of CVSA focused its attention on HAZMAT (haulers of hazardous materials) including imparting awareness through educational outreach on rail-road crossings and Compliance with Safety Accountability (CSA) guidelines.

CVSA through its education of safety tips issued a Road check checklist for drivers and this will always alert the driver community to take up the road towards safety. Safety Tips advise drivers should buckle up as the last line of defense, they should pre-inspect the condition of their commercial heavy vehicle on their load measurement and maximize the vision around their truck with properly adjusted mirrors that are properly set and clean.

Drivers should obey traffic rules and speed limits and slow down in bad weather and at any construction site. Drivers should have a safe distance when following other vehicles by constantly checking their mirrors. Drivers should make only safe and necessary lane changes that too if required and it is always better to pick a lane and stay in it as long as possible to avert any untoward accident. Drivers should concentrate on driving carefully without any in-truck distractions of using cell phones, changing CDs, eating, or other activities that remove attention from the road.

Drivers must watch out for other motorists whose driving behavior may suggest they may have been under the influence of drinks. Drivers should get enough sleep for their driving performance to be good for alertness and judgement without any fatigue. These guidelines as put forth and implemented by CVSA as saved many lives including the drivers’. The checklist is meticulously followed-up by CVSA every year as a Road check measure across USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Like CVSA guidelines and checklist for Roadcheck for drivers, the IRS issues guidelines and instructions to truckers for timely e-filing of form 2290 this tax season is nearing the day July 1st, 2014, and truckers and fleet-owners can now conveniently e-file 2290 tax returns for their heavy vehicles through IRS tax partner like us.


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