Pre-file IRS Form 2290 Now & Pay HVUT Later

Prefile IRS Form 2290

The tax period for the Highway Heavy Vehicles Use is starting from July 1st. All truck owners and truckers with a taxable heavy motor vehicle should file Form 2290 with the IRS by 31st August every year. By taxable motor vehicles, we mean trucks that weigh more than 55,000 or operate more than 5000 miles. The limit is 7500 miles for agricultural vehicles. The due date for tracks to file their tax returns is August 31st, every year. Truckers with more than 25 vehicles should compulsorily e-file their tax returns according to IRS orders.

Thus, the tax date is nearing, and it is not uncommon for most truckers to let go of the due date, owing to their busy schedule. If they are not alert and miss the tax filing deadline, they have to meet huge fines and penalties from the IRS. Thus, the best option is to pre-file the IRS HVUT Tax Form by June to mitigate last-minute delays and hurdles. The pre-filing window will be open from 1st June to 30th June. 

Can I Pre-file now and Pay HVUT Taxes later?

Of the numerous benefits of pre-filing the 2290 Form, the best is offering the opportunity to pay the taxes later. By pre-filing IRS Form 2290 tax returns in June, you will get the estimate of the tax due for your truck. You can get this tax amount ready in three months and pay the IRS by the end of August 31st. 

Thus, pre-filing offers the taxpayers three months to save for the tax dues. Also, by pre-filing, you don’t have the risk of paying late penalties. There are all chances for the IRS server to break down or get slow during the peak tax season. Thus, pre-filing offers the most viable option to prevent last-minute penalties and rushes. It also allows the taxpayers to make corrections in the tax Forms within these three months. 

Pre-file Form 2290 with Tax2efile

By choosing to pre-file HVUT tax forms will the IRS, the taxpayers will be transmitting and filing their tax returns to the IRS before the actual filing date. By registering the personal and truck details with tax2efile, it becomes easy to retrieve the data. Taxpayers need not enter their truck details every time to file their returns. Tax2efile accepts pre-file IRS Form 2290 HVUT from 1st June. Taxpayers can easily create their login account with the portal and get attractive discounts on the tax amount. Tax2efile will submit the HVUT Forms to the IRS as it starts accepting the Forms. Once the IRS accepts the form, the truck owners will get the stamped schedule-1 copy in their email, within minutes.

Tax2efile is an IRS-approved online tax filing service company that offers businesses and individual truck holders the to file their federal tax returns and tax extensions. It also offers pre-filing options to ease the stress of last-minute filing. Taxpayers also get to enjoy 20% discounts on the tax amount for taxpayers pre-filing their IRS HVUT taxes.