Top 10 Reasons Why You Should File Form 2290 with Tax2Efile

Form 2290 pertains to the heavy highway vehicle use tax returns. Owners of heavy vehicles can use the form to pay the tax dues of highway motor vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. They also use this form to claim suspension from tax if the vehicle is expected to be used for 5000 miles or less. It also helps to claim credit for the tax paid on destroyed or stolen vehicles. The best way to pre-file form 2290 is through

Top Reasons Why you Should File Form 2290 with Tax2eFile

Tax2efile is an IRS approved online tax finning service that helps both businesses and individuals to file their federal extensions and tax returns. 

  1. Electronic tax filing:

With the Tax2efile portal, taxpayers will be able to file their taxes electronically without any hassle and with a very low service charge.

2. Minimizes chances of paying penalty:

Pre-filing form 2290 has several advantages for truck owners. They will get three months to save up for the tax payment they owe. Pre-filing will help them to cross-check their truck tax forms and reduce the chances of paying penalties. 

3. Offers pre-filing option for vehicle owners:

Tax2efile helps you to submit your form 2290 heavy vehicle use taxes before the filing season starts during the tax year.

4. Easy to use:

The website is extremely easy and hassle-free to use. The truck owners will have to create a login to their account for free. They will have to enter the vehicle details such as VIN and EIN and can get the tax amount instantly.

5. Sample payment options:

The website offers several payment options to help them pay their tax instantly. There is no software purchase and benefit from friendly customer support.

6. Instant application:

Tax2efile helps to submit the 2290 form to the IRS and get a scheduled 1 copy in the email of the applicant

7. Error-free application:

If in case the IRS rejects form 2290 for errors in the submitted form, then Tax2efile helps to identify the mistakes in the submitted form and guides them through the errors. Applicants can refile the corrected IRS 2290 form, which is free.

8. File for multiple vehicles in a single form:

It is possible to e-file the truck taxes for multiple vehicles through a single registration form from

9. Edit and update business information:

The website helps the business owner to edit their business information and update them as required.

10. Instant correspondence:

Tax2efile acknowledges the tax-filing and payment with the IRS through a stamped schedule. The stamp schedule-1 will be received when the IRS accepts the IRS 2290 form.

Tax2efile is an IRS approved tax filing service provider that renders the most advanced, safe, and secure filing solutions, that makes tax filing quick and easy. It renders the highest security for the customers and is committed to maintaining the highest forms of professionalism as far as tax filing is concerned.