Advantages of E-filing Your IRS Form 2290?

The IRS Form 2290 should be filed by anybody who owns a heavy highway vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more, to pay the highway tax. Failing to file the Form before the due date of August 31st in every tax year can impose penalties and fines for the truck owners. It is possible to file this Form either online or sent it manually through the mail. But by choosing to e-file the Form, it is possible to save a lot of time and money as it prevents fines and penalties from last-minute tax paying and there are many other advantages of e-filing IRS Form 2290, that are summarized as follows.

Advantages of E-filing the IRS Form 2290 are as follows

  1. Saves Time: By choosing to e-file this IRS Form, the truck owners will be able to save a lot of their time and get an instant Schedule-1 copy of the Form in their mail, which will take about ten minutes. But if they choose to mail the form to the IRS, then it will take a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to get the stamped copy of Schedule-1.

2. Easy corrections on the Form: By choosing to E-file the form, it is possible to keep errors to the minimum while filling the form and if at all there are any mistakes, corrections can be done easily and conveniently.

3. Easy to re-file the form in case of rejections: The chances of rejection are kept at a minimum while choosing to E-file Form 2290. But if by any chance, the form is rejected by the IRS, it becomes easy to perform the corrections and refile the form at no additional cost, while choosing to refile it. It is important to choose a credible tax filer who will help with the refiling process as well.

4. Possible to file an HVUT Form for multiple vehicles: Some truck owners will have many heavy vehicles that will fall under the category of HVUT eligible vehicles. It can be a hassle to file the Form for every vehicle. Some E-filing portals will have a template to allow bulk uploading of Forms and help could help in filing for hundredths of vehicles at a time. For those who have multiple vehicles, E-filing is the only option for bulk data uploads.

5. Real-time updates: While choosing to e-file Form 2290, it will be possible to get instant notifications and IRS updates either through mail or Fax. Information on rejections in any can also be known instantly so that the Form can be re-filed immediately to avoid last minutes’ rejections and penalties.

6. Possible to retrieve data instantly: Most of the e-filing service providers will store all the details about the vehicle and the business when we choose to e-file them. This makes it easy to retrieve the information faster and easier for future tax filings.   

7. Convenience:  It is possible to fill the form easily by sitting anywhere at any time and it is possible to file Form 2290 on any device, be it the phone or the laptop. While choosing to e-file it, we can file it 24×7 from any place.

When you have decided to E-file Form 2290, chose to do it through Tax2efile, an IRS authorized e-filing service provider. You can register with them online and get the support of the tax support team representative through live chat. E-filing HVUT through Tax2efile saves time and will be beneficial on several grounds in the long run.