Avoid IRS Speed Trap with TIN Verification

A professional trucker is in need of Schedule 1 to stay on the road. However, the IRS rejects their filed Form 2290 and specifies. “Database validation error”. This is because the name of the business does not match the Employer Identification Number (EIN) else the EIN is brand new and not activated in the IRS database. Therefore, the trucker wants to refile the HVUT 2290 Form again by correcting the information. This act requires lots of time and effort. You must ensure this does not happen again. So what can be done to eliminate this scenario? In such cases, TIN verification can come in handy.

TIN Verification

TIN verification is a tool used to confirm the name and EIN match in the database. It can check the provided information for you with the existing IRS database. By doing this you find whether the information is valid hence you can avoid the rejection mail from the IRS.

Advantages of TIN Verification

Listing the benefits that you get by doing the TIN verification:

  • Ensures the accuracy of the given information.
  • Helps to correct the error data.
  • Avoids the IRS rejections.
  • Saves time, effort, and money.

How to do TIN verification?

The TIN verification can be done by anyone who wants to verify their EIN and business information. To do so, call our 24 / 7 customer support team at 703-229-0326. Follow the instructions, and you will be directed to a person to whom you can confirm the business details such as EIN, name, and address of your business. While making a call, it is better to have the recent tax filing information on hand. The customer support team will confirm your identity first before sharing the information. Moreover, Etax2290 provides the TIN verification Program at FREE of cost to our most valued customers.

How is TIN Verification effective?

When you opt for TIN verification, it confirms the entered information is accurate and matches with the database. If the entered information is incorrect, then specify it and give it a chance to correct the error. After making the correction, verify again with the TIN. Once it is verified, you can file your Form 2290 with no worries about rejection.

What to do if the IRS rejects your Form 2290?

If the IRS rejects your submitted Form 2290 for any reason, you can edit the business profile to change the EIN or business name and submit the form again. If you have anything missed to file this time, you may not get the form again for a few hours or days. To confirm and double-check before submitting the form. Hence verifying your TIN becomes vital and helps to save your time and money.

It is always better to prevent adverse situations, both in life and in business, this helps to maintain a smooth journey.  Therefore, why waste time and money with the IRS rejections? Verify your TIN before submitting the Form 2290 and ensure the correctness of the Form 2290.