Tax2efile’s Premium Services: Easy Bulk Upload, TIN Check & Error-Free 1099/1098 E-File

e-file 1099/1098 forms with tax2efile premium service

The IRS tax Form 1099 is of tremendous use for citizens to report the different types of income they receive to the Internal Revenue Service. There are many different types of 1099 Forms available for different kinds of income that individuals receive. Citizens can report their tax Forms to the IRS in two different ways. They can either submit paper Forms to the IRS or E-file their tax returns online. E-filing has tremendous advantages when done through an IRS-certified service provider like Tax2efile.

Why E-Filing is better than submitting paper forms with the IRS?

There are many advantages to choosing to E-file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service. E-filed tax returns are generally processed faster compared with paper forms. Owing to the quick processing time, taxpayers can get their refunds. IRS also sends them an instant confirmation as soon as they receive an e-filed tax return.

IRS demands the tax returns to be accurate. By E-filing the tax returns, the system will do the calculations on the tax returns, leaving less room for error. The system will also catch errors in data entry before the e-filing process is completed. In case there is an error in the tax form, e-filing makes it easy to correct.

Advantages of Choosing Tax2efile for online tax E-File

Tax2efile makes it effortless and convenient to E-file tax returns with the IRS. It is an IRS-authorized E-filing service platform that helps its users with a swift and hassle-free tax filing process. Tax filers can access the different 1099/1098 IRS tax Forms, and its system is designed to handle specific forms for reporting specific taxes. The system also ensures accuracy and compliance with the latest tax filing regulations. Other advantages of choosing to e-file the tax Forms with Tax2efile are as follows.

  • Electronic filing of returns: Tax2efile streamlines the tax filing process and allows users to submit their tax returns online directly with the IRS. It makes the entire process quick, reliable, and exceptionally secure.
  • Email confirmation: After the taxpayer submits the tax Form, they will receive an email confirmation of the same. It will include copies of the filed return and receipts of the paid fees.
  • Payer copies: These are important documents during the entire tax filing process. These are the only copies that the taxpayers could retain for further reference. Tax2efile offers payers copies of their tax Forms to ensure they have access to them whenever required.

Easy Bulk Upload with Tax2efile

According to the new regulations by the IRS, if businesses have to file Form 2290 for 25 vehicles or more, they have to file them only electronically. For such filings, Tax2efile helps with bulk uploads of the tax papers without any hassles. Taxpayers also get to save a lot of money with this bulk uploading option and avail attractive discounts all through the year. They can also get the stamped Schedule 1 copy in their mail instantly.

TIN Check and Error-Free E-File

Tax2efile also offers TIN matching services for Forms 1099 to avoid expensive penalties for incorrect filing of tax forms. With their accurate TIN matching services, it ensures that the tax Forms are free from errors and glitches. It not only indicates the errors in the tax Forms but will also make the necessary corrections in the 1098 and 1099 Forms to avoid costly penalties from the IRS.

Apart from all these benefits, Tax2efile keeps taxpayers up to date with the annual changes in the IRS tax laws. Their knowledgeable staff will guide you through the entire filing process and ensure compliance with IRS regulations at every step.