Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 Online Filing Options

Heavy vehicles are used for many different transportation needs across the world.  The IRS tracks the use of these vehicles through IRS form 2290.  The HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) 2290 form collects information only from companies with larger fleets of vehicles, and it is an important form to file.  The website Tax2efile provides an easy and affordable way to file this form with the utmost accuracy and simplicity.

Who Should File?

Only companies with fleets totaling 24 or fewer heavy vehicles may file form 2290 tax on paper; all other companies with heavy vehicles are required to file online.  This could be a single fleet of 25 vehicles, or five fleets of five each.  A “heavy vehicle” is defined by the IRS in this case as one that has a gross weight of 55,000 pounds and traverses at least 5,000 miles of highway roads in the United States for the year in question.  This tax form is filed by the individual drivers of each truck.  The point of filing online for larger companies is for simplicity and expediency on both ends.

Advantages of Online Filing

Filing electronically may seem trivial due to the fact that it has a cost, however menial it may be.  The advantages of using e-filing far outweigh the price.  By registering, one of the opportunities users are given is the chance to amend their Vehicle Identification Number or VIN.  Entering the wrong VIN is the most common mistake on this form, and the online tax filing software ensures that users are not charged twice for this simple error.  The software also offers excellent live support in the event that anything goes wrong or users have questions.  Representatives are available for instant messaging chat, e-mails, and phone calls.  For those who wish to form a long-term relationship, discounts on the already excellent price are available.  And finally, anyone who files with Tax2efile will be assigned a dedicated representative so that time is not wasted explaining past conversations and issues in subsequent situations.

Pricing Breakdown

Despite the excellent service, the cost will surely be a deciding factor for many.  The price varies by the number of vehicles and the type of service desired.  Standard Gold service is what most users will be looking for; this is for those who are seeking to file through the website one step at a time.  It is the easiest and most popular option.  A single 2290 form qualifying heavy vehicle will cost $19.99, or $14.99 with a coupon from the Facebook page.  Those filing for 2-24 vehicles pay $24.99; 25 to 100 vehicles cost $34.99; 101 to 250 costs $49.99, and 251-500 costs $94.99.  The last two options are relatively rare, but a company with 501-1,000 heavy vehicles to file for will pay $149.99, and anything over that costs $249.99.

Filing the 2290 IRS form can be as easy as following words on a screen.  With Tax2efile, there is very little possibility of error.  Users can expect great prices, fast support, and fantastic results.