IRS form 8849 Refund Claims for Heavy Vehicles – Schedule 6

How Does Form 8849 Effect My 2290 Form?

Form 8849 from the IRS is used to claim a refund on the heavy vehicles excise tax that has been paid. The truck owners who wish to receive a refund can submit a completely schedule 6 along with Form 8849. The refund should be claimed after the tax period ends by the 30th of June, each year. The claims should be filed within three years of the HVUT filing and must be submitted by the company that originally paid the tax. While using Form 8849, tax filers should remember that there are five schedules in the Form and the Schedule 6 of the Form corresponds to the refunds to be made in the HVUT tax.

Instances when Form 8849 schedule-6 can be used

The IRS Form 8849, Schedule 6 can be used to get the following credits with the heavy vehicle use tax. 

  1. Credits for vehicles that were either sold, destroyed, or stolen for which the tax has been paid in full can be claimed with the next IRS 2290 Form or a refund can be claimed on the tax paid with the help of Form 8849. To make the refund claim for a vehicle that is sold or destroyed, it is important to attach details such as vehicle identification number, the date of sale or theft, information on whether the vehicle has been stolen or destroyed, etc.
  2. For a vehicle that was not used for 5000 miles during the period for which the tax has been paid in full, the refund can be claimed by filing Form 8849. This mileage limit is between the period of July 1st and July 30th. This mileage limit is the total mileage of the vehicle, driven for the specified period, regardless of the number of drivers and owners of the vehicle.
  3. If any overpayment of taxes has been made by mistake, then the refund can be claimed. Along with the Form, detailed information should be sent to the IRS along with the supporting documents to process the refund claims quickly. 

Information that would be required to file Form 8849

The following information should be submitted along with the schedule 6 Form 8849 while requesting a refund. 

      • The Vehicle Identification Number
      • The taxable gross weight category of the heavy vehicle
      • Information relating to whether the vehicle was sold, stolen, or destroyed.
      • The data of theft, sale, and destruction of the vehicle
      • Calculation of the refund amount
      • The name and the contact details of the purchaser of the vehicle.

Limitations of the Form 2290 refund claims

The internal revenue code has a limit on the time in which a person can claim a refund for the overpayment of the tax. The claim should be filed within three years from the date a person filed the original tax return. When a person claims a refund of the tax paid for a stolen or a destroyed vehicle, the claim amount depends on when the taxed vehicle was either sold, destroyed, or stolen. For a vehicle that is used for 5000 miles or less, the claimant should note that the claim for the refund should not be filed until the next tax period. 

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