The 2290 Tax Season Started – Have You Filed IRS Form 2290

As a busy trucker, you are always on the move and completely engaged with trucks and roads. In between your schedule just pause a second to think whether you have filed your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290 is vital for any trucker or owner of a heavy vehicle whose gross weight is about 55,000 pounds and uses the public highway for transportation. IRS Form 2290 season is up and remember to file them before the due date August 31st, 2017 for the tax year 2017- 2018.  Mark on your calendar!! 

 How to File Form 2290 Online?

IRS Form 2290 can be filed both manually through papers and electronically. But IRS recommends the tax filer to report the tax return through online because of the ease and comfort. The taxpayer reduces much of his time and effort when he/she e-file Form 2290, through which they get their application processed instantly and receive the schedule in minutes. But when you are filing about 25 or more vehicles at a time, then you must need to e-file them instead of using paper filing.

Filing 2290 online is simple and you need the following information to fill the Form 2290

1.   Employee Identification Number: When filing Form 2290, you must need a valid EIN. You cannot use SSN instead of EIN. And remember your EIN must be at least 15 days old, as it is updated in IRS database only after 15 days.

2.  Vehicle Identification Number for each vehicle you file Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

3.  Taxable Gross Weight of each vehicle whose weight is greater than 55,000 pounds

4. The tax filer can pay their 2290 tax fee by two methods:

      • ·Option1: Electronic Funds Withdrawal: With this payment option, you can authorize a direct debit as a part of the e-filing process.    
      •  Option 2: Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS): In order to select this payment option, make sure that you have enrolled before 5 to 7 business days.

When is the Form 2290 Deadline?
The Form 2290 due date for 2017-2018 is August 31st. That’s a Thursday—mark it on your calendar.

With fast approaching 2290 tax season, Tax2efile helps you file HVUT Form 2290 electronically and submit the application on time before the Form 2290 deadline.