IRS Form 2290 Filing Solution for Tax Professionals | File 2290 Now

Truckers are always busy with trucks and roads, but they need to pause at times to pay their HVUT tax. The heavy vehicle use tax is important for any truck owner if their vehicle uses the public highway and weighs 55000 pounds. With IRS form 2290 season, digging into a few details regarding HVUT is informative. We all know the process for individual truckers to e-file form 2290. It just takes a few minutes and the process along with online payment is complete within a few clicks. Imagine trucking companies that own more number of trucks. Entering details about each truck is a repetitive and long process.

It eats up more time to upload every truck details individually. Imagine the situation of companies that owns a fleet of trucks. It would be tiresome and a never-ending process.

Bulk Upload for Tax Professionals

Especially for truck companies that own innumerable trucks, bulk upload is the best option plays a key role in helping truck companies with bulk upload option. They pave way for uploading multiple vehicle data in just a single click with bulk upload feature. This feature uses an excel sheet for processing in minutes. Let’s glimpse through a few details regarding the IRS form 2290 filing.

Steps for Filing IRS Form 2290 for Tax Professionals

      • Step 1: For e-filing IRS form 2290, log in to For new users, the registration process is the beginning step and is free.
      • Step 2: The next step is to click on the “Start e-file” present in the dashboard. This is obligatory to file form 2290. To e-file form 2290, few basic details are mandatory. The EIN, VIN, business address, and name are input.
      • Step 3: Here the business details are added. Pick the tax year for tax filing and enter the vehicle details. For truck companies that have dozens of vehicles can avail the bulk filing service available. There are also discounts for bulk upload.
      • Step 4: After entering all details, the automatically calculates the tax amount for payment to the IRS. There are multiple payment options and one payment method is carefully chosen. The payment options available are debit cards, direct debit, credit card, electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) or check/money order, and electronic federal tax payment system (EFPS).
      • Step 5: The final step is checking the correctness of all details and submit the form.
      • Step 6: Pay and obtain confirmation from Since they update their systems with the latest protection, the transaction is safe.
      • Step 7: The stamped Schedule 1 is received in minutes from the IRS. The “check status submission” in the dashboard helps check the status of the HVUT form online. is a helpful platform for trucking companies for bulk uploads. They reduce your effort, time, and also price with bulk uploads. assists you in experiencing a professional tax filing process. Truck companies hence, can without a second thought log into for easy tax filing for all trucks with bulk upload facility.