How to Calculate Your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 in 2013-2014?

Form 2290 as you all are familiar with is the official IRS form used to collect an excise tax on heavy vehicles. It is often referred to as the truck tax or Heavy vehicle use tax – HVUT for short. This form allows the government to collect money from every truck owner and operator and in turn that money contributes to various sources. Some of the uses of that revenue are maintaining the roadways and highways throughout the country, assisting in developing construction and contributing to organizations moving toward a more stable and useful vehicle transportation system.

The normal tax amount for the HVUT on a truck 75K or more in weight is $550.00 for an entire filing season which normally runs from July-June of the given year. For instance, the upcoming filing season is for the HVUT of July 2013 to June 2014. The IRS mandates that all Truck owners e-file IRS 2290 Form by August 31st. If any trucks are purchased after that date the tax will be prorated appropriately. Traditionally the tax was paid by visiting a local IRS office, waiting in a long line and filing in the paper but the IRS is transitioning to E-filing and with that being said Tax2efile is here to help. Our site is IRS authorized and our staff is knowledgeable in all areas of e-filing and specializes in IRS Form 2290 tax. Don’t wait until the last minute to e-file Form 2290. Visit our website today or give us a call for more information.