Why are you Waiting to Pre-File Your HVUT 2290 Form?

When taxes are introduced, the paper filing was implied to report them initially. But paper filing required a lot of time and effort to complete the procedure. Later the traditional paper filing is replaced bye-filing of Form 2290And now to move ahead, pre-filing Form 2290, otherwise referred as Heavy Vehicle Use Tax has been introduced in order to reduce the burden of taxpayers.  This pre-filling of Heavy Vehicle use tax is high benefits the truckers who were on the move always. They can pre-file Form 2290 online from May 1st and transmits the submitted form to IRS by June. Hence you are away from the penalties and remove the stress of Form 2290 due date

Why do you Need to Prefer the Pre-filing of the 2290 Form?

There are three main reasons for you to pre-file your Forms which are: 

  • If you are a trucker, you are on the move constantly and you do not find time to file the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax at a particular date. In that case, pre-filing Form 2290 online could help you to file them directly to IRS.
  • When you pre-file Form 2290 before the actual tax-paying date, then you receive your stamped Schedule 1 copy by July 1 instead of waiting for weeks.
  • When you pre-file, you reduce the risk of a late penalty. You no need to pay any extra amount except the e-filing service fee.

Pre-filing Form 2290 with Tax2efile

  • Tax2efile is an IRS-authorized e-file provider for Form 2290, which has immense experience in the field of tax filing.
  • Tax2efile’s tax filing process is extremely simple and it can be done easily even by first-time tax filers.
  • The tax filer gets constant support throughout the process; our expert customer representatives guide you through mobile, email, or when you need their assistance.
  • Apart from pre-filing your Form 2290, you can also make free VIN corrections, and any 2290 amendments, or re-file your Form 2290 if it is rejected by IRS through Tax2efile.
  • Tax2efile files your form 2290 instantly and you get notifications regarding the status of your Form. Finally, you receive the stamped Schedule 1 in minutes.

While you pre-file your Form 2290, you are relieved from your tax burden and you avoid last-minute confusion at the time of the 2290 deadline. So why are you waiting for the tax season to start, while you can pre-file Form 2290 with Tax2efile!  If you have any queries related to pre-filing Form 2290 online, you can call our customer service representatives at any time at 703-229-0326 or email us at support@tax2efile.com.