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Are you ready for the Tax season 2019-20? Not yet? Start filling out the 2290 Form online through Tax2efile. No more stress with complex tax calculations. With almost a decade of experience in this field, our experts can assist in all those tax calculations and just fill out the simple form online and pay the tax amount. Doesn’t it sound simple?? Just read the blog to find more information on IRS 2290 Form.

Form 2290 (HVUT –Heavy Vehicle Use Tax)

IRS 2290 Form must be filed by every truck owner in each tax season. The tax season starts from 1st July to June 30th every year. The deadline to file the HVUT tax is on August 31st.  So it’s time to file the tax now with Tax2efile. File the IRS Form 2290 online to avoid IRS penalties and their interests.

IRS gives the taxpayer an option to pre-file the IRS 2290 form, and the user can do the same through E-File 2290. Through this pre-filing the taxpayer can prevent the penalties from IRS, can file the 2290 forms earlier, and has the option to pay the tax within the deadline and reduce the waiting time to get the stamped Schedule 1.

Who needs to E-file IRS 2290 Form?

Truckers who own a heavyweight vehicle with a gross weight of about 55,000 pounds or more and also when the vehicle’s mileage limit is more than 5,000 miles are required to file the IRS 2290 form before the deadline of August 31st, 2019.

If the user owns an agricultural vehicle that crossed 7,500 miles in the financial year, then the Federal HVUT must be filed with the IRS. To do so, find the first used month of that vehicle and file the form online.

How to file Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)?

Taxpayer can file their tax either manually or online.  Though, IRS provides an option to file manually, e-filing 2290 otherwise known as filing 2290 online is the best option. Because, e-filing is faster than manual filing and, lets you track the progress of your filed information.

If you are new to IRS 2290 Form filing, just register with Tax2efile to start filing. Just fill in the required fields to complete your registration. Then login to the account to start filing Form 2290. If you are stuck in the middle of the filing process or need any assistance in filing, our online expert can help you and make the filing done.

When the IRS rejects the filed 2290 Form for some reason, our tax experts can help you in fixing those corrections and submit them back to the IRS.

VIN Corrections

The tax filer can do the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) corrections through Tax2efile when it is filed with us previously. To do so, enter the login; select “Start a VIN correction”. Then, give the reference number, which is obtained in the previous filing. Click the VIN for correcting from the drop-down. The process is done and it is sent to the IRS.

2290 Form Amendments

Tax2efile lets the tax filer perform the IRS 2290 Amendments. 2290 form amendments let the user change the filed Form 2290 returns that are filed previously. The IRS permits taxpayers to amend the filed IRS 2290 Form under certain conditions. Tax2efile professionals can assist in doing the amendments to the filed Form 2290 online.

The Bottom Line:

July 1st is nearing fast and it’s time to E-file the 2290 form with Tax2efile. Just to start e-filing your IRS 2290 Form now. Else, contact our customer support to get more information and clear your queries.